Adventures in Dowsing

Adventures in Dowsing

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AiD051: Dr Margaret Rainbird – Labyrinth Walker
August 10, 2017

A day spent in the delightful company of Dr Margaret Rainbird from Australia, who has set herself the challenge of walking a different labyrinth every day for a year. I managed to take her round 6 Scottish labyrinths during her time in the UK. [...]

AiD050: What Gold Really Is with David Kane
July 06, 2017

Yes, we're back after almost a year of no podcasts! David Kane gives a talk to the Canadian Society of Dowsers' 2017 convention about white powder gold, or Ormus as it's perhaps better known (56 mins, 39MB).

AiD049: American Geomancy with Richard Feather Anderson
July 29, 2016

A fascinating chat with architect and geomancer Richard Feather Anderson, recorded at the American Society of Dowsers’ West Coast Conference in Santa Cruz, California. Feather runs the American School of Geomancy and has been a large influence[...]

AiD048: Sunset on Sighthill
May 09, 2016

At Spring Equinox 2016, we attended the last public event at Glasgow’s Sighthill stone circle, constructed in 1979 by local astronomer and science-fiction author Duncan Lunan. The circle has been removed to make way for a housing development, [...]

AiD026: David Cowan – Ley Lines and Earth Energies
October 21, 2015

6 March 2011 Renowned Scottish dowser David Cowan chats to us about his many years of earth energy research, and shares some interesting stories from his casebook (60 mins, 42MB). visit David’s website:

AiD028: Susan Collins – “Dowsing that Works”
September 29, 2015

3 May 2011 Susan is a past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and will be a guest speaker at our Conference in September. We talk about her dowsing practice and discuss differences in technique on both sides of the pond (58 mins, 41MB). visit S

AiD047: Revealing Cochno
September 23, 2015

16 September 2015 In which we attend a test excavation at the Cochno Stone, the largest example of prehistoric rock art in Scotland, which has lain buried beneath the earth for over 50 years (40 mins, 28MB).

AiD046: House Healing with David Franklin Farkas
September 01, 2015

1 September 2015 An interview with David Franklin Farkas, who is an American psychic specialising in house healing and spirit release work. He also hosts a weekly internet radio show on Empower Radio called ‘The Farkas Files’,

AiD041: Questing with Merlin
August 27, 2015

11 December 2013 Grahame talks to Merlin Beltain of the Canadian Society of Questers about her work as a geomancer and what it means to be a Quester rather than a Dowser (64 mins, 44MB). Canadian Society of Questers:

AiD045: The Magical World of Ivan McBeth
August 10, 2015

28 July 2015 Ivan McBeth is a Druid, Geomancer, builder of stone circles, an amazing DJ, and all-round wonderful human being, originally from England but now living in Vermont. Ivan is the builder of many stone circles, and with his partner Fearn,