Adventures in Dowsing

Adventures in Dowsing

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AiD 061: Susan McNeill Spuhler
August 14, 2021

A Skype chat with Susan McNeill Spuhler, organiser of the West Coast and Flagstaff Dowsing Conferences, where we discuss water dowsing, finding lost items, vortices, portals, New England oddities, and of course... the Flagstaff Dowsing Conference (56 mins

AiD060: Jon Appleton’s Megalithic Insights (Part 3)
August 05, 2021

In this final part of our interview with Jon Appleton, we speak of talking stick, favourite instructional resources, constructing megalithic sites, and lots of other stuff. Jon is a veritable mine of

AiD 059: Jon Appleton’s Megalithic Insights (Part 2)
March 19, 2020

In this second part of our interview with Jon Appleton, we find Jon in a more philosophical mood. He tells us how he developed his love of nature and community camps such as Oak Dragon, more about his adventures in Avebury,

AiD 058: Jon Appleton’s Megalithic Insights (Part 1)
December 05, 2019

A fireside chat with the remarkable (and largely unrecognised) Jon Appleton, talking about all things megalithic, his theories on ancient astronomy and his discovery of the Great Sky Goddess at Avebury (27 mins, 26MB).

AiD 057: Diamond Dowsing with Annette Rugolo
June 06, 2019

A Skype chat with Annette Rugolo, who hails from Minneapolis and is a practitioner and teacher of the 'Diamond Dowsing' system. (62 mins, 61MB). Visit Annette's website: Music in this episode: Marble Machine (piano version) and

AiD 056: Maria Wheatley – Guy Underwood’s Geodetic System
January 08, 2019

A dip into the archives with this recording of a talk from the BSD's 2013 Conference at Cirencester. Maria Wheatley talks about the work of legendary dowser Guy Underwood. (55 mins, 50MB) Visit Maria's websites: and The Avebury Ex

AiD 055: The World According to Palden
December 06, 2018

Palden Jenkins is a remarkable man. He is a true polymath with one of the most vibrant intellects that I’ve ever encountered. We started by talking about his Ancient Penwith alignments map, but things developed into an altogether more expansive chat fa...

AiD 054: On Labyrinths and Leys with Alex Champion
July 16, 2018

Legendary labyrinth maker Alex Champion chats about labyrinths, leys and life in general at the 2018 ASD West Coast Conference in Santa Cruz. (49 mins, 45MB) Visit Alex's website: Earthsymbols

AiD053: Leys with The Urban Prehistorian
April 21, 2018

An interesting and wide-ranging chat with Glasgow University archaeologist Dr Kenny Brophy, better known as The Urban Prehistorian, where we discuss leys in the archaeological as well as the dowsing context, cursus monuments, Alexander Thom,

AiD052: Ned Wolf – Nandia’s Copper
December 02, 2017

American dowser and author Ned Wolf joins us from Flagstaff, Arizona to talk about his work as a healer and his new dowsing-related children’s books “The Nandia Trilogy”. Plus, the latest dowsing news, and Grahame has a bit of a rant (56 mins, 40MB).