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565 Podcast

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Episode #3: Is There Such a Thing as a Useless Major?
April 25, 2021

Sean, Trey, and Justin give insights on how the stereotype put on certain "majors" being useless are certainly not true.  Education in any discipline is able to build character and create ways of thinking that will help an individual in many aspects

Episode #2 To Confront, or not to Confront?
April 11, 2021

Trey and Sean share their insights on how they would approach different situations where confrontation is needed.  Will Justin act as the voice for the people?  Let us know what you would do! 

Episode #1 Let's Get Real with the Friendzone
April 03, 2021

Sean and Justin battle it out in hopes to find out if the friendzone is viable in today's society.  Will Trey act as the voice of the people?