Zúme - Multiplying Disciples

Zúme - Multiplying Disciples

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Reaching Neighbors and Nations Using “3/3rds” Discipleship Pattern in Zúme Training
April 27, 2022

Actively reaching disciples for Christ over the last six years, it is exciting to hear how this guest uses Zúme Training to mentor new disciples with minimal background in the Bible.  He describes som

Michael Sove – Pray4Movement to Discipleship
March 30, 2022

Michael has used the “Pray4Movement” as a platform to involve others in regular and deliberate prayer for target areas.  This tool enables a untied effort to focus on a county, state, country, or larg

Marlene – Zúme as a Tool for Organizations
December 15, 2021

Show Description: Marlene serves as a leader and resources for Christian work in South African and many African countries. She was one of the early adopters and has seen Zúme create vision and clar

Eric Derry – Origins, Growth, and using Zoom
December 01, 2021

Show Description: Eric Derry reflects on the origins of Zúme from the first prayer meeting, and his first steps in engaging with the regional leadership around Kentucky, and the challenges of growi

Song Cao – Training in Mandarin
November 18, 2021

Song Cao and his team have led hundreds of trainings in Mandarin Chinese among people in mainland China. He shares some of his top stories, some of the big challenges that face the ordinary person get

Doug Lucas – Partnering with Churches
November 08, 2021

Episode Description Doug Lucas, president of Team Expansion and an active movement practitioner, reflects on the blessing and value Zúme has been on his personal journey of disciple making and its