Zooming Through Law School

Zooming Through Law School

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Getting Meta: Law School at the Pandemic’s Inflection Point
April 21, 2021

We’re back! After an unintended hiatus, sponsored by the generous folks at WhatDayIsItAgain? Inc., Chris, Cat and Rachael reunite for an episode of reflection. We started Zooming Through Law School when, as Chris aptly put it, we were all trying to make..

Season 2/Episode 6: Rose-Colored Glasses: On
November 25, 2020

For this final episode of 2020, Cat, Chris and Rachael bring stories of optimism and strength from our law school community. Law school success looks different during a global pandemic. The masks, the distancing, the quarantining, the endless screen...

Season 2/Episode 5: For Whom the Law Job Bell Tolls
November 18, 2020

Remember that two-week school break in March that turned into an episode of Black Mirror-meets-higher ed? Yeah, we do, too. Nevertheless, we didn’t call off learning and in spite of all of the Zoom cold calls, saliva testing, and nightmares where you...

Season 2/Episode 4: Life From the (Law School) Frontlines
October 07, 2020

Cat, Chris and Rachael talk to two law students from Vanderbilt about how this COVID year is treating them so far. Lindsey is a 1L and Olivia a 3L. Lindsey is here in Nashville, masked up, studying hard, and dreaming of a day when she can sit in the law..

Season 2/Episode 3: But What Will You Take With You? A Consideration of How to Make Law School Work for Future You
September 18, 2020

In this episode, Cat and Chris speak to Alyson Carrel, professor at Northwestern Law and legal innovator extraordinaire, about what it means – empirically and practically – to be a high functioning lawyer. Alyson and our very own Cat Moon are...

Season 2/Episode 2: Zoom Mocktails, Anyone?
September 02, 2020

It’s always wine-o-clock somewhere when you have law school Zoom classes with people around the world. But should you indulge in a quiet glass of Sauv Blanc, and maybe some pithy Etsy tea towels to really commit to this life of a semi-shut in law...

Season 2/Episode 1: Creating Community and Finding Your Place in Law School (During Covid-19)
August 09, 2020

Welcome, law school class of 2023! And welcome back 2L and 3L students! This year’s law school journey begins amid a public health crisis that will present unique challenges to you as a human and as a future lawyer. The delivery of your education will...

Episode 6: Getting Legally Skilled While Staying Safer at Home
May 20, 2020

In this final episode before we come back at you this fall, Chris, Cat and Rachael talk J.O.B.’s. This summer is probably not what you banked on, law students (and if you did bank on it, please contact us to talk stock markets and lottery numbers)....

Episode 5: Shouting Into the Void: Bar Exams and Law Jobs
April 30, 2020

Hey, law students, have you been wondering whether legal jobs and bar exams still exist in this alternate reality? We think these are extraordinarily relevant questions! At the top of the episode, Cat, Chris and Rachael talk about the thorn-bud-rose of...

Episode 4: Look on the Bright Side of the Debilitating Global Pandemic!
April 22, 2020

There is a lot of downside, to be sure. But what if this moment of extreme adversity gives you a unique window for growth? What if you could emerge more empathic, focused, and able to withstand life’s stressors? This isn’t a pipe dream: it’s a reality!...