Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Ice, Heroin, Hell and Back with Jack Nagle

September 04, 2021

Jack Nagle was a nice, middle class kid from a supportive, loving family.

Not the background befitting the stereotype of the kind of people who destroy their lives on drugs…but that didn’t matter.


Jack ended his teens and started his twenties as the most hardcore drug addict imaginable and the fact he’s lived to tell the tale defies all probability.


Shooting up ice and heroin and swallowing fists full of prescription pills, he was brought back to life by paramedics after dealers left him to die of an overdose, only to go straight back to those same people for more drugs after checking out of hospital.


He was as hopeless as hopeless gets… but there’s always hope.

Not in a fantastical, too good to be true way, but the kind of hope that manifests into a rich rewarding that most in the grip of addiction would think impossible.

But it’s not impossible…


Now Jack’s 10 years clean and running drug education and media business Realdrugtalk being the person he really needed when he thought he was beyond help.