Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Whatever It Takes with MMA Pro Shane Mitchell

July 10, 2021

Shane Mitchell is one of Australia's most dangerous men in the octagon with a 12 and 4 professional Mixed Martial Arts record.


In the cage he's known for his savage knockout power...not what anyone expected from a shy kid growing up without much confidence in Adelaide's northern suburbs...


Shane's been a pro fighter since 2013 and now touching 30, he's still grinding to realise his dream of making it to the UFC.

He's had to overcome more than his fair share of adversity on the hard road to becoming a champion; it's taught him what matters and what he needs to stay focused.


From the outside looking in, we only see the glory or failure in the end result; when years of work boils down to a moment that can be over in minutes and sometimes even seconds... But rarely do we get to see inside the heads of those who have what it takes to put themselves in the arena.