Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters

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Whatever It Takes with MMA Pro Shane Mitchell
July 10, 2021

Shane Mitchell is one of Australia's most dangerous men in the octagon with a 12 and 4 professional Mixed Martial Arts record.   In the cage he's known for his savage knockout power...not what anyo

Standing Proud for LGBTIQ with Matt Morris
June 25, 2021

Matt Morris is the chair of the South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance, working for the rights of the LGBTIQ community.   Matt realised he was bisexual/pansexual in his teens, but it took him years to work up the courage to come out. Fortuna..

Gamble (Ir)responsibly with Luke McLean
June 04, 2021

When it comes to Aussie culture, punting has traditionally been right up there with having a cutla cold ones, watching the footy and chucking snags on the barby...In fact, 39% of Aussies gamble on a regular basis and Australia leads the world in gambling.

The War Inside with Nathan Bolton
May 24, 2021

Nathan Bolton is a former soldier who served two tours of Afghanistan as a Special Operations Engineer in the Australian Special Forces. His primary objective was to find and clear improvised explosive devices planted across the battlefield by the enemy .

To Lose A Brother with Mitch McPherson
May 10, 2021

Mitch McPherson lost his younger brother to suicide in 2013 and living through that tragedy was a major turning point that would come to define his future career. Mitch was a glazier by trade, but for the past 7 years he's been touring the country, sh..

Beyond The Game with Dyl Buckley
April 20, 2021

Dylan Buckley is a former AFL player who's life has gone down a path he never imagined... Since his school days, Dyl believed he was destined to play professional footy and that belief turned into a reality when he was swept into the league as a teenager.

Childhood Trauma Is No Joke with The Beautiful Bogan
April 10, 2021

Marc Ryan is 'The Beautiful Bogan' and he’s not your typical standup comedian... He blends light hearted laughs with mental health advocacy - using his gigs as a platform to show people they’re not alone in the struggle. In between jokes, Marc shares the.

Boys to Men with Hunter Johnson
March 25, 2021

Back in 2014 Hunter Johnson and a mate created The Man Cave, a program that supports adolescent boys on their journey to becoming men. It was in response to the toxic culture they had all been exposed to over the years and wanting to change things for..

Escaping The Jaws of Death with Surfer Chris Blowes
March 06, 2021

Chris Blowes is one of the very few people on earth to literally escape the jaws of death... In 2015 Chris was surfing at Fishery Bay in Port Lincoln, South Australia when he came face to face with every surfers worst nightmare - a great white shark Surv.

We're All Brothers with SA Brothers
February 26, 2021

John Denholm is the founder of South Australia's huge volunteer run men's support network 'SA Brothers'. John started the group back in 2017 on the back of going through his own mental health struggles and coming to the realisation that the men around hi.