Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

Young Blood - Men’s Mental Health

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When, Not If with Para-Athlete, Gabe Lieschke
August 16, 2022

It all started with a bicep tear in the gym... In the days after his initial surgery to repair the injury, Gabe Lieschke was overcome by necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating virus that suddenly pushed him to the brink of death. He was put in a 10 day com

Half A Leg, Twice The Man with Seb Steel
August 04, 2022

A year ago Seb Steel's leg was crushed under a forklift in a workplace accident.    The brutal moment of Seb’s injury was only the beginning of the immense  mental and physical pain that followed.  Surgery after surgery led to let down

You Only Get One Chance At Life with Chance Ndume
July 29, 2022

I promise you've never met anyone quite like Chance... The Congo native fled his war-torn homeland as a child, leaving his family and everything he'd ever known behind him. When Chance finally made it

Changing Black Mental Health with Thomas Drew
July 20, 2022

TDrew is Co-Founder of 1AND1 Life, an African American owned mental health and wellness performance company based in New York City. Thomas went through more than his fair share of mental health strugg

Postnatal Depression for Dads with Dave Edwards
July 17, 2022

Dave Edwards is a father of two who’s really struggled with post-natal depression.  Dave was rattled from the moment his now 8 year old son was born.  He soon developed anxiety and depression as the pressure and reality of being a fath

Losing Mates In The Mines with Cam Taylor
June 29, 2022

Cam Taylor knows a dozen people personally who've died by suicide since 2018, most of whom were connected to his FIFO work in the mines.     He lost one friend on the job, then had the misfortune of finding the body of another just a short

Black, Gay and Living By Example with Marcellus Enalanga
June 16, 2022

Marcellus Enalanga is a gay Aboriginal man who's faced prejudice on all sides. Marcellus had a lot to grapple with growing up in Port Pirie. Figuring out who he was and how to be himself was no easy t

Growing Up Muslim Before and After 9/11 with Abdul Abdullah
June 06, 2022

Abdul Abdullah is an Aussie artist who's fascinated by the concept of being an outsider, something he identifies with personally.  Abdul Is a 7th generation Australian-Muslim with Indonesian and Malay

Had It All, Lost It All, Found It All Within with Cain Dover
May 31, 2022

I met Cain Dover a few months back at one of the breath work, meditation and ice bath sessions he regularly runs as a way of helping people connect. Cain struck me as a man who’d been through somethin

Going Wrong and Making It Right with Steve White
May 27, 2022

Steve White grew up without a father after his dad abandoned him as a young boy.  The hurt of that rejection ran deeper than Steve realised, until he himself became a father and much to his horror, be