The Game EXPOSED: Relationship and Dating Advice

The Game EXPOSED: Relationship and Dating Advice

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#343 - How to Have Options in Dating - Dating Advice
November 14, 2021

This dating advice podcast talks about how to have options while dating. What to do and what not to do while dating. Should you focus on one person or have many different options? Who do you give your time to and who do you not bother with. Get 20% OFF @m

#342 - Emotionally Unavailable Men - Relationship Advice
November 09, 2021

Are you dealing with emotionally unavailable men or women? This podcast is for you. Why are they emotionally unavailable? How to deal with an emotionally unavailable person. Can you change an emotionally unavailable person? This discusses what you should

341 - How Do I Know This is Love? - Relationships
November 08, 2021

This relationship advice podcast dives deep into whether it’s love you’re feeling for someone or just infatuation and attraction. This podcast talks about lusting versus loving someone. How compatible are you with your partner? Do you need compatibility t

#340 - Listeners’ Questions - My Sex Addict Boyfriend Uses Me for Bl*wjobs
November 05, 2021

This podcast answers listeners’ questions: 1. Why Does He Save My Pics But Doesn’t Want to See Me. 2. My Sex Addict BF uses me for bl*wjobs. 3. Why Can’t I See It For What It is. 4. My Husband is telling everyone at work he’s single and cheated on me. To

#339 - The Mess of Modern Dating - Dating Advice
November 01, 2021

This podcast discusses why modern dating is a mess today. This podcast answers: Why it is so hard to date today? Why do people play games or don’t want relationships. What am I doing wrong? What do you do if you are trying to date and everyone is turning

#338 - How Do You Know You Can Trust Someone? - Dating Tips
October 30, 2021

This podcast talks all about trust in dating and relationships. How do you know you can trust someone? Having a hard time trusting again after being hurt? What some people who can’t trust do sometimes. Why being able to trust is so important. Examples of

#337 - When You Still Want Sex with Your Ex, Getting Bad Vibes, Why Do Women Not Want Great Guys?
October 28, 2021

This podcast answers listener questions such as 1: I Still Want Sex with My Ex, 2. Is This Guy Worth It, Getting Bad Vibes, 3. Should I Date Someone with Kids?, 4. Why Don’t Women Want To Be With a Great Guy?, 5. Why Are They Still Updating their Photos o

#336 - Insecurities in Dating & Relationships - Dating Tips
October 26, 2021

Are you dating an insecure person? Are you insecure in dating? Signs you’re dealing with an insecure person. Reasons why you feel insecure and how to overcome that. To ask Yaz a question go to the following website to find out how https://askyaz.wixsite.c

#335 - Why Did They Leave You - Relationship Advice
October 23, 2021

This podcast talks about why the person you were dating or in a relationship with suddenly doesn’t want to see you anymore. Why did they end the relationship when you thought things were fine. You’ve tried so hard to make it work and they still leave you.

#334 - Is Casual Sex a Bad Thing? - Dating Advice
October 19, 2021

In a society where relationships are so difficult to come by is casual sex a bad thing? Are you someone who can be in a casual relationship? What are the problems of casual sex? Listen for insight into the realities of casual sex. To ask Yaz a question go