The Game EXPOSED: Relationship, Dating & the Narcissist

The Game EXPOSED: Relationship, Dating & the Narcissist

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#456 - Who Does the Narcissist Target? & Breadcrumbing
May 25, 2023

Who does a Narcissist Target? Why did the Narcissist Target you? What do narcissists look for? Who’s a prime target for a narcissist? How a narcissist targets people. For email or phone coaching go to To ask a qu

#455 - Red Flags of Lovebombing & Future Faking by a Fake Phoney Narcissist | narcissists
May 22, 2023

This podcast talks about how to spot a narcissist in the beginning of dating. Red flags a narcissist is Lovebombing you. How a narcissist future fakes you. What a fake phoney narcissist will say and do and how to handle it. What narcissists are looking fo

#454 - Why Do Narcissists Hurt People? | Narcissism
May 15, 2023

This podcast talks about why narcissists have the need to hurt the people they supposedly love. If you are nice to a narcissist why do they need to hurt you. Why cant narcissists give compliments or build the person they are with up? Why is there a const

#453 - Why Can’t Covert Narcissists Be Real? - Narcissism
May 11, 2023

This podcast talks about why covert narcissists play mind games and cant be real. Why does the covert narcissist feel the need to have a mask. Why covert narcissists are unaffectionate. Why covert narcissists try to hurt you. How a covert narcissists ch

#452 - How To Survive the Discard of a Narcissist | Narcissism
May 09, 2023

This podcast talks about how to Survive the Discard of a Narcissist. Why did the Narcissist lose interest? How could the narcissist discard you so cold? How can they say they love me and then walk away so easily? When you’re still mourning the narcissist.

#451 - Why the Narcissist Was Able to Play You | Narcissism
May 04, 2023

This podcast talks about why the narcissist was able to play you. How does a narcissist fool you? How narcissists act in the beginning. Why you fell for the narcissist. How narcissists act to try to fool you. Why you’re still ruminating about the narcissi

#450 - The Mistakes You Make with Narcissists & Boundaries | Narcissism
May 03, 2023

This podcast talks about the mistakes people make when dealing with a narcissist. Why narcissists talk to you the way they do. When a narc doesnt listen to you. Why people have low boundaries. How narcissists deal with boundaries. When and how to have bo

#449 - How Covert Narcissists Try to Control You with Silence | Narcissism
May 01, 2023

This podcast talks about how covert narcissists try to control you with silence. How covert narcissists make excuses. How covert narcissists ignore you and play dumb. How covert narcissists are jealous. How covert narcissist react when you confront you. H

#448 - Why Does My Narcissistic Ex Look So Happy with the New Supply? | Narcissism
April 28, 2023

This podcast answers a listeners question, Why does my narcissistic ex look so happy with the new supply if narcissists cant be happy with anyone? Why did your narcissistic ex jump into a relationship so fast after discarding you? Is the narcissist re

#447 - You’re Not Crazy You’re Dealing with a Narcissist | Narcissism
April 27, 2023

This podcast talks about the realization that youre not crazy youre just dealing with a toxic narcissist. How do narcissists make you feel like your crazy? How narcissists gaslit you and make you feel like youre the problem. Having firm boundaries when