Latest Episodes

Know the Difference
August 18, 2022

This episode challenges your awareness. How well do you pay attention to your patterns? Motivate yourself to make empowered decisions. #HereWeGROW! #dailymotivation. 

DJ Mistri Soul Mix Live From The U.K.
August 17, 2022

DJ Mistri Soul Mix Live From The U.K an 1 hour special. Visit us at for a variety of music and updates.

Communicate with yourself
August 16, 2022

The science of communicating with yourself will inspire your thoughts. It takes courage to put yourself in check. You will be encouraged to raise your awareness of the conversations you have with your

August 15, 2022

Playing new music from Snaggapus, Diablo32, Kiiing Phresh, Ragga Daht, R-Scars, and many more. #wsgz #hiphop

T.E.S.S W/ DJ Mistri
August 10, 2022

The Electric Soul Show - Mostly all new tracks - and varied music show as well. Visit us at for a various blends. #wsgz #electricsoushow #djmistri

Defining my Purpose
August 08, 2022

Here is my story of how I came to develop clarity within my purpose. You too can find this clarity. Go for your dreams, if you need support in getting this clarity. Visit Scro

Spinz: Special Guest: Nova
August 08, 2022

Today we discuss producing beats with Nova and how producers cn get they beats out there to be placed with othr artist. Playing new tracks from Rising Stars and be on the lookout for StarGaze 2 in the

True DreamBuilder
August 03, 2022

Listen to the story of a true DreamBuilder, a year after becoming a DreamBuilder. This story is of Michael Parez. A yourng man who followed his dream of becoming a business owner. Hear how he overcame

Neo Soul Vibes
August 03, 2022

WWW.ELECTRICSOULSHOW.COM Hello to you - Dj Mistri here once again 1 x Hour show - A mixture of tunes from Neo Soul to HipHop and from House music to Rnb music. Take a listen and #Subscribe for futu

Spinz: Special Guest: Kiiing Phresh
August 01, 2022

Playing that Rising Star Music and don't miss the extraordinary star-studded interview by Kiiing Phresh. #wsgz #megaspinz #kiiingphresh #spinz #theblastoff