The Well Rounded Retirement

The Well Rounded Retirement

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24. Overcoming The Hurdle of Financial Advice for Women
June 13, 2021

One recurring issue in financial services is that it’s a predominantly male industry. Often, male advisors have a difficult time relating to women and even talking to them when it comes to financial planning.

23. Getting Geeky about HAILaGEEK with Tom Heard
June 01, 2021

Technology is obviously a big part of our lives everyday, and with technology comes technology issues. But not everyone is a geek with technology, that’s why sometimes you just have to leave it to the experts.

Episode 22 – Simplifying the Financial Planning Process — with Steve Goldstein
May 19, 2021

As most people grow up they get a job, make as much money as possible and try to save as much as they can. But, if you’re not paying attention to what the rest of your financial life looks like, how do you know when you can retire? In this episode,

Episode 21 – Jump in the Market of Buying or Selling a Home — with Joe Burrage
May 04, 2021

In today’s market, selling your home is the easy part. The difficult part is finding your next place to live before you put your home on the market. In this episode, Jim Donewald sits down with Joe Burrage,

Episode 20 – Insurance Protection at a Reasonable Cost — with Beth Glowacz
March 31, 2021

When it comes to insurance most people want the cheapest price—but being cheap doesn’t necessarily save you money in the long run.  In this episode, Jim Donewald sits down with John’s wife Beth Glowacz, agency owner and partner at Cinco Ranch Insurance...

Episode 19 – What To Focus on For Retirement Planning
March 12, 2021

We understand everyone has busy lives—why not take 10, 15, 30 minutes to focus on the starting points for your retirement planning. In this episode, Jim Donewald discusses some of the basics of retirement planning,

Episode 18 – What Does It Really Look Like to Retire?
March 03, 2021

Everyone talks about retirement—but what does it all really mean? What does the process truly look like?  In this episode, Jim Donewald outlines the overall process of retirement, including definitions of the basic terms,

Episode 17 – Protection of Estate Planning
February 16, 2021

Are you prepared to protect your estate at the time you pass away?  In this episode, Jim Donewald sits down with guest Richard Behlmann, Managing Attorney at Behlmann Law Firm, board certified in estate planning and probate law,

Episode 16 – The Financial Concern of Widowhood
February 03, 2021

Widowhood is the result of losing a spouse, and it can be both emotionally traumatic as well as financially draining if you’re not prepared.  In this episode, Jim Donewald discusses how to prepare your finances and have all the necessary documentation ...

Episode 15 – A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Alpha Advisory Monitors Portfolios to Help You Retire Smarter –– With Nick Heinrich
January 12, 2021

At CRIS Financial, we have a deep bench of professionals that help you plan for your ideal retirement. In this episode, Jim Donewald talks to Nick Heinrich, a financial planning director at Advisory Alpha, about how his team brings additional depth and...