We Go Boldly Podcast

We Go Boldly Podcast

5: Women and Anger: Authenticity Means All the Feelings

April 21, 2021

Women are taught from early on that anger is ugly and inappropriate.  Certainly not ladylike.  On this week’s episode we take a close look at what it means to be angry as a woman, as a parent, as a member of our society.  

We discuss what we were told about anger as children and how that influenced how we showed ourselves to the world.  Suppressing anger can be dangerous, both to an individual and society and yet we continue to reward women for hiding their anger. 

Why is anger so important? Why is a necessary feeling disregarded for women?  Why is anger so threatening?  Join us as we dig deep to answer these questions. 

As Soraya Chemaly says, “A society that does not respect women’s anger is one that does not respect women, not as human beings, thinkers, knowers, active participants, or citizens.” We are building a limitless society and to do so we must allow anger its place.   


Take some quiet time for yourself with your journal and answer these writing prompts:

When were you angry last?
What did you do about it?
How did that make you feel?

Catch up with your accountability partner and talk about the things that make you angry and how you express that anger

Revisit your journal and see how it matches up to your conversation


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