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Weather Hype

Episode 47: A Weather Communication Perspective on the Duck Boat Tragedy

July 23, 2018

A tragic accident involving an amphibious vehicle commonly known as a duck boat has claimed the lives of 17 people including nine members of one family. It happened on Table Rock Lake near the tourist town of Branson, Missouri as two different duck boats carrying dozens of passengers were hit by a severe thunderstorm on the evening of July 19, 2018. While one boat was able to make it to shore safely, the other boat carrying 31 people unfortunately capsized, with 17 people losing their lives. Here’s what Jim Pattison Jr, the president of Ripley Entertainment who owns the duck boat company said during a interview with CBS This Morning: “to the best of our knowledge, there was a fast-moving storm that came out of nowhere." His quote has received a lot of criticism from meteorologists and the weather community. On this episode of Weather Hype, we breakdown the duck boat tragedy from a weather communication perspective and ask: Was this accident preventable? Did the duck boat company actually receive information about the severe weather threat? What can we do moving forward to better promote the dissemination of weather information through organizations and effective weather safety policies? All of this and more on this episode of Weather Hype!

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