Wannabe Clutter Free

Wannabe Clutter Free

Ep 69: 5 Decluttering Challenges that are Actually Fun

September 23, 2021

Have you been trying to declutter your home, but you lack the motivation or energy to make it actually happen? Well, my friend, a decluttering challenge may be just the thing you need!

A decluttering challenge helps you let go of the stuff cluttering up your home or life. It can be very specific and focus on only one area of your life like your wardrobe or very broad and address your home, mindset, habits and more.

A decluttering challenge can be short and last a few days or extend for a full year (as one of the options I discuss in today's podcast episode does).

However, challenges give you a fun way to switch things up which makes decluttering feel more like a game. It’s been shown that your information and skill retention increase by as much as 40% when what you are working on is gamified.

This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will also help you discover:

- My favorite things about declutter challenges
- Why decluttering challenges are so powerful
- The best way to start a decluttering challenge
- How to fit a decluttering challenge into your life
- What I don't like about each challenge so you know what to look out for