Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer

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#WalkItOut Podcast 079: Hillary Morgan Ferrer
November 01, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 079: Hillary Morgan Ferrer If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, or if you’ve gotten the chance to meet me at an event, you probably think that I’m a nice person. I do try to be nice and kind,

#WalkItOut Podcast 078: Sharon Miller
October 25, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 078: Sharon Miller Today we’re chatting about a topic that I haven’t really thought of before. Is it possible to be too nice? Is it hurting people when we are? As Christians, we always talk about love, joy, and peace,

#WalkItOut Podcast 077: Kat Armstrong
October 18, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 077: Kat Armstrong Today we are going to be talking to Kat Armstrong. She is the co-founder and executive director of Polished a network that gathers young professional women to navigate careers and explore faith together.

#WalkItOut Podcast 076: Mary DeMuth
October 11, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 076: Mary DeMuth Why do bad things have to happen? It’s especially hard when pain is caused by sexual sin. Being an innocent victim can be a heavy burden, such a heavy thing to have to carry around. It’s even harder when we,

#WalkItOut Podcast 075: Laurie Kehler
October 04, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 075: Laurie Kehler What are your favorite things about nature? Where are you favorite places to visit? Do you like to hike in the mountains? Do you like to sit on the beach? Do you like to explore the swamps? When I think of nature,

#WalkItOut Podcast 074: Jaime Jo Wright
September 27, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 074: Jaime Jo Wright This week on #WalkItOut we are chatting with novelist, Jaime Jo Wright. When I first started writing, I saw myself as a fiction writer. While my writing has expanded since then,

#WalkItOut Podcast 073: Brian Dixon
September 20, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 073: Brian Dixon Today on Walk It Out, I’m excited to be chatting with Brian Dixon, author of the new book Start with Your People. I love his idea that there are already people around you that believe you in,

#WalkItOut Podcast 072: Ruth Chou Simon
September 13, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 072: Ruth Chou Simons Where have you found beauty today? To be truthful, I have been in the house all day. I’m a homeschooling mom and have been homeschooling all morning. I’ve snuck away this afternoon to get recording time,

#WalkItOut Podcast 071: Jill Savage
September 06, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 071: Jill Savage What comes to mind when you hear the words “empty nest”? I have to admit, John and I are at a stage where we still have little kids at home, we have teenagers, we have young adult, and adult kids.

#WalkItOut Podcast 070: Jennifer Camp
August 30, 2019

#WalkItOut Podcast 070: Jennifer Camp Okay, how are you about making new friends? I may seem very outgoing and warm and bubbly, but the truth is if I’m in a group, I’m going to be the one hanging back. I want to be the one watching — I’m not the life o...