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The 8 Great Smarts for Homeschoolers
August 05, 2022

Today's podcast episode is perfect for homeschoolers and parents both (so even if you aren't a homeschooler, you'll still want to stick around!) But honestly, if you're in relationship with people, I'm sure you will find this a great conversation. My gues

Encouragement for Parents of Special Needs Kids!
July 29, 2022

Being a parent is hard. It’s easy to get focus on the daily struggles and frustrations and forget that each day is an opportunity to teach, guide, and grow our children into the unique people God created them to be. This can be even more challenging for s

How to Find a Friend and Be a Friend
July 22, 2022

Amy and Jess are the authors of the book, I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants). This is a very authentic read that provides you with the how of cultivating deep relationships in this messy, chaotic, beautiful life. Through Amy and Jess

I Grew with You
July 15, 2022

I Grew With You is a delightful, new children's book that celebrates life. This is Sarah Molitor's first book, fulfilling a dream that she had from childhood. Sarah always loved writing and creativity, and it took a publisher reaching out to her to make t

Feeling Unraveled?
July 08, 2022

In Unraveled, authors and fellow moms Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin encourage you to start finding strength and peace in the One who loves you most. You’ll encounter the God who comforts you with truth and hope as He walks at your side. Get re

How Are You Really?
July 01, 2022

What inspires you? What makes you rage? What makes you snort-laugh? What makes you cry with joy? What makes you feel empowered? What makes you nod in agreement? What makes you dance with glee? Do you know the answers to those questions, or are you complet

The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible
April 08, 2022

I am very excited today to be talking to Mary DeMuth about her newest book, The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible: What Their Stories Teach Us About Thriving. Mary is the author of more than forty works of fiction and nonfiction, and her podcast Pray

Lies Moms Believe (and How to Refute Them)
March 25, 2022

I'm excited to talk to my friend Rebekah Hargraves. We're talking about her book Lies Moms Believe ... and wow, there are a lot of them! I know you're going to love my conversation with Rebekah. We share the lies that we often have to dig out of our heart

Hues of You
March 18, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the words, "uncomfortable conversations" with your kids? You might think about things like sex, identity, and war. But what about race and diversity? Sometimes this becomes uncomfortable because we don't know what to say

Crowned with Glory
March 11, 2022

Today I'm chatting about being made in God's image with Dorena Williamson, author of the new book Crowned with Glory!  For more episodes of The Tricia Goyer Show visit --- Support this podcast: