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#20 - Sleeping with Woman Makes you Gay
December 17, 2020

New information has been released and sleeping with women will make you gay, if you aren't already. We discuss this past year of episodes, Logan Paul preparing for his whopping from Floyd Mayweather, how much Covid has impacted sports and much more. We wa

#19 - College Is Wasting My Money
November 13, 2020

On today's guest episode, we discuss pointless college degree's, what makes kids so critical of other more creative kids but most importantly why Jamie sees herself dead in the next 5 years.  Links: Useless Wisdom | Useless Wisdom Podcast | YouTube

#18 - Bigfoots Ghost Adventures Halloweener Special
October 30, 2020

The first ever halloweener special of Useless Wisdom. Tune into this episode with traumatizing paranormal experiences, Brandon’s seen Bigfoot, voting matters? and much more. Links: Useless Wisdom | Useless Wisdom Podcast | YouTube

#17 - How Ego Affects Donut Man's Self Confidence
October 16, 2020

It's quite difficult to keep your ego under check and not allow yourself to get stuck so far up your own a$$. When you tell yourself "I’m really good at this", that inherently makes you hold yourself to an impossible standard and doesn’t allow you to pinp

#16 - Crappy SoundCloud Rappers
October 02, 2020

After discussing best moments from the debate, what makes you actually good at something? What defines the difference between knowing and being able to do something and you being good at it. Exposure vs. saturation 

#15 - Are You the Main Character of Your Reality?
September 18, 2020

Are you the only main character of this reality, are there few others that are also main characters or does everyone have a different sense of reality? Links: Useless Wisdom | Useless Wisdom Podcast | YouTube

#14 - The Moon Landing Was a Fake Flex
September 04, 2020

US and Russia are in a head-to-head race to the moon when the US comes out of nowhere with a live stream of landing on the moon and taking the first steps. Was it all just a hologram? Was Helen Keller a secret political pawn? Our Website  |  Yo

#13 - All Out Cage Match
August 14, 2020

Catching up with Brian and Brandon this week we find out that not only have they been boxing in an all out cage match against one another but that Brandon is practicing for a very specific reason. Wonder if he is in a streamers amateur boxing competition?

#12 - Tuition More Expensive During Covid | She's Starting Only Fans
July 31, 2020

"Let's lay off staff to save money and charge students more for a worse education during this pandemic. They'll never suspect a thing. Kids nowadays are so ignorant." the local boards and dean mutter while laughing to themselves. Those greasy bastards are

#11 - AyoKidClassic & Wesley Himself
July 10, 2020

AyoKidClassic and Wesley Himself, two artists on the rise, join us in this special interview episode of the Useless Wisdom Podcast. Ayo Kid Classic speaks his mind on the BLM movement, his upbringing, the initial push into his music career, and more. The