Up Your Marketing!

Up Your Marketing!

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UYM_110 – Don’t Waste Your Money On Discount Certificates
January 25, 2019

Your business can sell certificates through Groupon or similar discounters, but if you aren't capturing the contact info of these new visitors, you're digging your own grave. 7 min 12 sec

UYM_109 – The Most Important Aspect Of Customer Service
January 23, 2019

WARNING: Swear words ahead! Customer service is the thread woven throughout marketing, sales, and your entire business. But, you can control the customer interaction. Three things you should do for your business Teach your staff,

UYM_108 – Micromedia Sponsorship
January 18, 2019

If you've got an editorial medium of some sort where you stay in touch with clients and prospects - and you should, you know - you'll need a sponsor or two. Your own products and services should be your biggest sponsors.

UYM_107 – Engagement Process
January 16, 2019

You need a logical process to engage with people. A step-by-step system to engage with prospects and move them into and through your sales process. 7 min 38 sec

UYM_106 – Art Sobczak – Smart Calling
January 11, 2019

We interview Art Sobczak, author of the book Smart Calling. It's all about how to market and sell products & services by using the phone. Art's totally against cold calling, which is why he teaches techniques he calls Smart Calling.

UYM_105 – Old School Promo
January 09, 2019

Today we talk about a promo we're running for the oldest traditional martial arts school in the market. The promo consists of 5 x 7 inch ads taped near the mailboxes of apartment complexes within a mile of the street the martial arts school is on.

UYM_104 – 1 Year Anniversary
November 16, 2018

52 weeks at 2 episodes a week - that's a full year of the Up Your Marketing Podcast.  I give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the podcast came about, and some of the tribulations I've had following my own action items. - 7 min 32 sec

UYM_103 – Using Video In Marketing
November 14, 2018

It's very easy to add video into your marketing mix.  I talk about a few of the points you want to keep in mind. - 10 min 26 sec

UYM_102 – Make Them The Hero
November 09, 2018

I've told you before, you need to put out press releases on a regular basis.  But don't feature yourself - make one of your clients the hero of each new press release! - 8 min 41 sec

UYM_101 – Questions & Requests
November 07, 2018

Businesswoman raising hand during meeting in office - Two action items for this episode: 1) Send in the questions you want answers for and 2) Send in requests for topics you want covered in the shows next year. - 6 min 17 sec