31: Washington DC Vacation Recap

May 15, 2018

Celebrity podcasters often recap tales of their exotic vacations and glamorous tours.  So why shouldn’t Christie and Nicole!?

The dynamic duo went on the very anticipated one-day vacation to the capital of the free world- Washington DC!  They visited no historic sights (unless you count the hotel wallpaper) and walked into zero museums- there simply wasn’t time!  Christie and Nicole did, however, meet the hilarious duo Heather McDonald and Chris Franjola, somehow managed to be underwhelmed by cheese, and were shocked to learn that one day vacations seem rushed. 

If you ever plan to spend 24 hours in Washington DC, Christie and Nicole provide you their official recommendations from this trip. They Include:

  • The MARC Train

  • The Madison Hotel

  • Heather McDonald & Chris Franjola

  • Uber

  • George T-shirts by Walmart

  • Ramen Place in Washington DC we don’t know the name of

  • Room Service Coffee

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