Which One Would You Choose?

February 01, 2021

I've been thinking about this for a while and need your help deciding

I have an idea....and I want your feedback!

As you know, I help people become debt-free.

But here's the issue....there are only so many hours and only one of me!

I've been exploring ways to help as many of you become debt-free as possible, and here's my idea....

For a while (Actually, for quite a while!), I've been thinking of creating an online coaching course. 

* Become financially free-No more living paycheck to paycheck
* Start enjoying YOUR paycheck
* Have at least $1,000 in your savings account

So, I want to know would you be interested in an online coaching course about

A- How to become debt-free and be different

B- How to become a homeowner and pay off your mortgage early
Which one excites you the most?
I'm excited to hear your thoughts. Please share them with me!