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True Creeps

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Black Friday
November 26, 2021

Join us while we get into the weird history of Black Friday and some heinous true crime cases. We'll discuss the origins of Black Friday, as well as the murders of Ashlea Harris and Marc David Rubin For more information on our sources, please visit our we

Bunny Man
November 19, 2021

Join us while we tunnel into the gruesome lore behind Virginia's Bunny Man. We'll discuss the legend variants, the search for the origin of the legend and the genesis event. We'll also touch on why the legend carries on. For more information on our source

Vallow & Daybell Updates
November 12, 2021

Join us while we give some updates on the murder cases for JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan, Tammy Daybell, and Charles Vallow. We'll discuss case details for Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell as well as a delicious hug in Chad's erotic love story, new details released i

True Crime Digest 8
November 05, 2021

Join us while with touch base on updates on some of the cases we've already covered and discuss some new cases. We'll be updating on the disappearance of Daniel Robinson, Kendrick Johnson's Case, the death of the Gerrish/Chung family, the case of Conni

Halloween True Crime 2
October 29, 2021

Join us while we unwrap two different Halloween murder cases. Well discuss the murder of Yoshihiro Hattori and Martha Moxley. For more information on our sources, please visit our website: ( https://www.patre

More Ghosts
October 22, 2021

Join us while we give you what you want - MOOOOORE GHOSTS! We'll climb aboard the Queen Mary and talk about the many ghostly sightings, take a trek through the hauntings at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and talk about history and hauntings of the Whaley House. F

Scream: The True Stories
October 15, 2021

Join us while we talk about the origins and copycat killers inspired by one of our favorite slasher flicks, Scream. We'll discuss the Gainesville Ripper, AKA Danny Rollings, plus the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddard, Gina Castillo, Alisson Cambier, Alice Beau

Urban Legends: Loveland Frogman, Chullachaqui, Ningen, and the Crying Boy
October 08, 2021

Join us while we unwrap some fresh urban legends! We will discuss the Loveland Frogman, Ningen, the crying boy painting, and Chullachaqui. Are there secret government experiments hiding cryptids? Could they just be tailless iguanas? For more information o

1st Podiversary: Spooky Listener Stories
October 01, 2021

Join us while we celebrate ONE YEAR of creeping with you! We'll share some listener stories that people have recorded for us as well as read some listener stories too. We'll touch base on some of our favorite memories so far and, as always, take some deto

Belanglo Forest
September 24, 2021

Join us while we venture into the Belanglo Forest in Australia. We'll discuss the victims whose remains were found there as well as their killers, including the infamous Ivan Milat. For more information on our sources, please visit our website: http://ww