True Creeps: True Crime, Ghost Stories, Cryptids, Horrors in History & Spooky Stories

True Creeps: True Crime, Ghost Stories, Cryptids, Horrors in History & Spooky Stories

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Creepy Christmas
November 24, 2023

Join us while we chat about some possibly haunted Christmas paraphernalia. Is Hip Hop Santa possessed or just a snazzy dresser? Is our tall queen, Mrs. Clause, hiding an extra battery? Can you use a Santa pin to incept the idea of a Furby Halloween costu

Urban Legends: The Green Man & Gurdon Lights
November 17, 2023

Join us while we discuss two urban legends: the Green Man, also known as Charlie No Face, and the Gurdon Lights. Well discuss sightings, experiences, and theories/true stories behind these legends.Join our Facebook group here:

Spooky Travel: Malvern Manor
November 10, 2023

Join us while we venture to the Malvern Manor, in the infamous Malvern Manor. Well discuss the history, the spooky reports, and its possible tie to the Villisca Axe Murders. For more information on our sources, please visit our website: www.truecreeps.c

November 03, 2023

Join us while we discuss the Chupacabra! Well discuss dozens of sightings, varying descriptions, and the theories of what the Chupacabra may be. Well also chat about why many people believe that the Chupacabra may be an alien (or an aliens pet). Join o

Halloween Trends & True Crime
October 27, 2023

Join us while we discuss trends in Halloween this year and Halloween true crime cases. We'll discuss the attempted robbery that has been dubbed the Freddy Krueger Shooting. We'll also talk about the murders of Nima Louise and Mary Elizabeth Carpitcher, an

Tar & Feathered
October 20, 2023

Join us while we discuss the history of tar and feathering. We'll discuss the first recorded instance, how it's done, and medical complications. We'll also discuss instances of tar and feathering throughout history.This podcast uses the following third-pa

Friday the 13th: Lake Bodom & Peter Moore
October 13, 2023

Join us while we talk about murders that seem shockingly similar to Friday the 13th. Well also discuss a murderer that was inspired by the Friday the 13th movie.Join our Facebook group here: special thank

3rd Podiversary Episode: Listener Stories
October 06, 2023

Join us for our 3rd Podiversary Episode featuring listener stories! We cover a variety of ghost stories including; ghosts who danced all night (or was it Mothman?), ghosts who don't mind sitting in the back seat, ghosts in rocking chairs, ghosts who are h

September 29, 2023

Join us while jump into all things spiders. We'll discuss the most venomous, the biggest, crankiest and cryptid-iest spiders. We'll also talk about arachnophobia and why theres other creepy crawlies that you can also start to be terrified of now too. Joi

Lavinia Fisher
September 22, 2023

Join us while we talk about the rumored first female serial killer in the United States. Well talk about the urban legends of Lavinias crimes, the truth, and how some horses become evil!Join our Facebook group here: