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Jasmine Walls discusses comics, inclusion, and blowing up the moon!
December 05, 2021

Get the book: Guest Links Guest Bio Jasmine Walls is a California based write

Chuck Pineau on comics, writing, editing, and marketing
December 04, 2021

Guest Bio Chuck Pineau is a freelance writer/editor who has done work for such companies as Second Sight Comics, Markosia, Antarctic Press, and Scout Comics. He is best known for (co)writing titles su

Why the show is ending
December 04, 2021

I wanted to get this out there before publishing any additional episodes. To keep you all abreast on why I have chosen to end the podcast. That said, there are still at least 3 more episodes.

Giving space to the storyteller in you - JL Johnson on high fantasy, comics, and the process of writing great stories
November 28, 2021

Are you into high fantasy and inclusive narratives? Prepare to have your little mind blown as JL Johnson walks you through his story and creative processes. Guest Links Join the mailing list - https

We are all trans warewolves. Nikita Rissanen on the trans experience, righteous monsters, and the appreciation of being eaten alive
November 27, 2021

Niki came by to talk about her experience as a trans woman, writer, and artist. The show covers a lot of ground, from her early experiences writing science fiction, to film, and comics. Niki is an inc

Russell Lissau on the craft of writing comics and prose
November 27, 2021

Russell came in to talk about his creative process and the things that inspire him. Guest Links Store: FB: Twitter: https:/

Bob Sodaro - on journalism, making comics, and the cult of heroes
November 20, 2021

Bob came by for an amazing interview. We talked about comics journalism, and the stories that he loves, as well as his incredible volume of work that dates back as far as the 1980s. Guest Links * We

Talking Ahoy Comics and the art of editing with editor Sarah Litt
November 14, 2021

Sarah Litt popped in to have an absolutely charming conversation with me. We talked a lot about working as an editor, managing collaborations, and the joys of Ahoy Comics. Guest Links Ahoy Comics -

Josh Kemble on life, love, triumph, faith, and inclusion
November 13, 2021

**Content Warning:** This episode contains an honest discussion about mental illness and suicidal ideation. Josh stopped by to have a powerful conversation with Eva about creating autobiographical c