TWiCE - This Week in Civil Engineering

TWiCE - This Week in Civil Engineering

TWiCE10: This Week in Civil Engineering – Sensor Tech Extends Pipeline Life

November 12, 2020

Welcome to This Week in Civil Engineering (TWiCE), the first weekly audio and video podcast covering weekly news stories and events related to civil engineering and its sub-disciplines. In this week's episode we provide you with the latest news in the Civil Engineering industry including covering how the transformative pilot project in Detroit could help cities across U.S. deal with overdue pipeline upgrades.
Breaking News in Civil Engineering:

Sensor technology aims to help US cities extend the life of aging pipelines
From: Jerome Lynch |

7600-tonne building ‘walks’ to its new location
From: Jeff Parsons |

National News in Civil Engineering:

Southern California to Vegas High-Speed Rail Project Hits the Brakes as Financing Falters
From: Doug Puppel |

Georgia Ports Authority proposes inland port box expansion
From: Mark Solomon |

International News in Civil Engineering:

Cemex goes global with carbon-neutral concrete
From: Craig Bettenhausen |

Cost blowout on Wyangala dam project doubles public bill to almost $1.5 billion dollar before New South Wales scheme approved
From: Anne Davies |

Infrastructure Stories:

Utah Department Of Transportation putting final touches on I-15 Tech Corridor, completing 10-year expansion project
From: Jasen Lee |

Lightfoot administration outlines 5-year, $3.7 billion plan to repair, maintain roads, bridges, other city assets
From: Fran Spielman |

Career Inspiration of the Week:
There is no doubt that work from home will continue either hybrid or pure matter across the industry. Attend trainings and truly embrace collaborative technologies such as Microsoft teams. These programs help you certify your workflow and keep you in contact with your project team members and are vital not only to help your organization but also to ensure your income. So, don’t be hesitant, go for it!
Quote of the Week:

"Intern at different companies, attend industry events, seek out industry information interviews, use your school resources to the fullest, and start to build your network as early as possible." ~ Anthony Fasano, PE, Founder of EMI

About the Host:
Khamini H. Fennelly is from Queens, New York.  She graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Engineering in 2015 with a B.S in Civil Engineering. She is a Senior Staff Engineer at Langan in their New York City office where she primarily focuses on urban land development for large scale commercial developments. Beyond her project work, she is an office leader for the company’s Women’s Initiative. You can connect with Khamini here.

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