Thinking Elixir Podcast

Thinking Elixir Podcast

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#013 Video chat using LiveView with Jesse Herrick
September 15, 2020

We talk with Jesse Herrick about creating a video chat app using WebRTC and Phoenix LiveView. We cover the WebRTC protocol, how Phoenix helps, JS hooks, pushing events from the server and much more! Show Notes online - https://thinkingelixir.

#012 All a Flutter over NIFs and Ports with Connor Rigby
September 08, 2020

We catch up with Connor Rigby and learn about his recent Flutter work for Nerves. We take this opportunity to get his perspective on when to choose NIFs or Ports for native integrations, how to make NIFs more portable,

#011 New Ecto features in 3.5 with Mike Binns
September 01, 2020

Learning about some new features coming in Ecto 3.5 from Mike Binns. Mike explains Ecto.Enum, what a ParameterizedType is, the new "redact" option on fields and much more! Show Notes online - https://thinkingelixir.

#010 Frontend vs Backend and Business Value of LiveView
August 25, 2020

News and discussion about why the talk of "Frontend vs Backend" is wrong, Single Page Apps, seeing the business value of LiveView, and much more! Show Notes online -

#009 Decomposing models with Maciej Kaszubowski
August 18, 2020

Decomposing models based on lifecycle with Maciej Kaszubowski. He shares tips on finding the lines, how DDD can help, ideas for modular designs, simple ways to start a PubSub architecture, avoiding "donkey code" and much more!

#008 Careers and Dev Environments
August 11, 2020

We discuss career development as programmers, how COVID may change things, our dev setups including editors, resources, asdf, docker, and much more! Show Notes online -

#007 Background Jobs with Miguel Palhas
August 04, 2020

We talk with Miguel Palhas about lessons learned while working with background jobs in production systems. He shares some tips…

#006 Elixir at FontAwesome with Rob Madole
July 28, 2020

FontAwesome, the internet’s most popular icon toolkit, uses Elixir behind the scenes. We talk with Rob Madole to learn how…

#005 Learning Elixir with Ricardo Trindade
July 21, 2020

We talk with Ricardo Trindade about learning Elixir and GraphQL. We discuss learning on personal interest projects, GraphQL vs REST,…

#004 ElixirConf 2020 with Jim Freeze
July 14, 2020

ElixirConf US 2020 was announced! This will be our first virtual one. We talk with the organizer Dr. Jim Freeze…