Thinking Elixir Podcast

Thinking Elixir Podcast

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Meet Core Team Member Aleksei Magusev
September 21, 2021

We talk with Elixir Core Team Member Aleksei Magusev about how he got involved in Elixir, what it’s like being on the Core Team, some of his contributions, areas in Elixir that interest him, and his t

OTP Certificate Woes with Bram Verburg
September 14, 2021

We talk with Bram Verburg about an important root certificate expiring at the end of September and how this impacts your Elixir and Erlang projects! Bram helps explain where this IS and IS NOT a probl

SMS Texting in Nerves with Peter Ullrich
September 07, 2021

We talk with Peter Ullrich about his experience sending SMS messages from a Raspberry Pi Zero using Nerves. We cover what went well, what didn’t and get a glimpse into the current state of Nerves for

Chris McCord joins and Phoenix 1.6
August 31, 2021

We talk with Chris McCord about his recent announcement that he’s moved to work at! We cover what this means for the Phoenix project and ongoing Phoenix development work. He shares why he’s exc

Elixir's Recent Brex-it
August 24, 2021

We cover the news then talk about the Brex announcement that they are shifting to a Kotlin-first strategy over Elixir. This reminds us of patterns we’ve seen in our careers and we reflect on what it m

Compile Faster with Marc-André Lafortune
August 17, 2021

We talk with Marc-André Lafortune about reducing Elixir project compile times. On larger projects, when a single file like a view template is changed and over 100 files get recompiled, there is someth

How Elixir Came to Spotify with Joel Kemp
August 10, 2021

We talk with Joel Kemp about his experience introducing Elixir at Spotify. We learn about the concurrency problems he had with the default stack and how that was solved with the BEAM. We talk about th

News and Livebook for Business Intelligence
August 03, 2021

After covering the news we catch up on what Elixir things we've been thinking about and working on. Mark brings up using Livebook as a Business Intelligence tool for doing analysis of a running applic

Scaling Live Chat with Cade Ward
July 27, 2021

We sat down with co-host Cade Ward to hear how he and his team tackled a problem of hosting live web chats with crowds of 120K+ users coming together for live events. On the show, we have talked with

Fly-ing Elixir Close to Users with Kurt Mackey
July 13, 2021

We talk with Kurt Mackey, founder at, about what makes the Fly platform unique and why hosting Elixir applications there makes a lot of sense. They started out looking to make a better CDN for