Thinking Elixir Podcast

Thinking Elixir Podcast

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Live Auctions with Alex Loukissas
June 08, 2021

We talk with Alex Loukissas about using Phoenix sockets to provide live auction systems. We comment on the situation of flash-mob-like users coming to a system and needing to handle high traffic volumes for shorter durations. and Elixir with Angelika Tyborska
June 01, 2021

We talk with Angelika Tyborska about the history of, her involvement, the issues addressed in v2 and what's new and cool in the soon to be released v3. We cover the Elixir track, her work as a maintainer,

Pushing for Modularity with Maciej Kaszubowski
May 25, 2021

Maciej Kaszubowski returns to talk about how read models can help modularize our systems. There is a focus on background job systems and how they fit in our modular designs. We cover push vs pull based systems and which is more maintainable.

Ecto Associations with Sheharyar Naseer
May 18, 2021

We talk with Sheharyar Naseer about Ecto's feature "association defaults" and how they work. We learn how they even support defining a function that gets called during your changeset operations which can be used to ensure multi-tenancy IDs get populate...

#047 Crypto Trading in Elixir with Kamil Skowron
May 11, 2021

We talk with Kamil Skowron about his Youtube channel that walks people through building a crypto-currency trading bot in Elixir. We learn how that led him to start a free online book sharing that content. He covers what people will learn from the proce...

Livebook with Jonatan Kłosko
May 04, 2021

We talk with Jonatan Kłosko, the coder behind Livebook, to learn how it works, how the collaborative feature was done, what you can do with it, what you shouldn't do with it, some unusual ways people are using it, and more!

Junior Devs with Michał Buszkiewicz
April 27, 2021

We talk with Michał Buszkiewicz about Junior Developers in the Elixir community. We share tips for Juniors both early in their careers but also more experienced developers coming new to Elixir. We talk about the University vs Bootcamp approaches and wh...

Elixir Data Types with Sasha Fonseca
April 20, 2021

We talk with Sasha Fonseca about Elixir's data types behind the scenes. We learn about binary leaks, discuss memory usage, performance considerations, what boxed values are and much more! - Show Notes online - https://thinkingelixir.

Membrane with Marcin Lewandowski
April 13, 2021

We talk with Marcin Lewandowski about Membrane Framework. We learn what it is, the project's goals, how people are using it and how it can solve the speed-to-market problem when streaming multimedia. We cover WebRTC, radio, industry challenges,

LiveView Autocomplete and Blogging with Velina Petrova
April 06, 2021

We talk with Velina Petrova about a blog post she wrote showing how a "designer dreamed up" feature was delivered using LiveView and Alpine.js. She shares how she added the LiveView feature to a non-LiveView page demonstrating a great strategy for slow...