Thinking Elixir Podcast

Thinking Elixir Podcast

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111: Deploying a PR for Review
August 09, 2022

Deploying a PR to a temporary server sounds like a great way to iterate faster! Jason Axelson shares how he did that on We cover benefits to the team, workflow, testing, doing it on

110: The End of Localhost Development?
August 02, 2022

Is the “end of localhost development” inevitable? How does that apply to Elixir and Phoenix projects? We think it's more likely they are trying to solve the wrong problem.

109: Digital Signal Processing with NxSignal
July 26, 2022

Paulo Valente explains DSPs and his new Nx library called NxSignal. We learn more about what kinds of problems Digital Signal Processors solve and what’s next for the library. The Machine Learning spa

108: Stack Overflow Survey Results 2022
July 19, 2022

We talk about Elixir and Phoenix’s strong showing in the Stack Overflow Survey results!

107: Catching Up with Alex Koutmos
July 12, 2022

Alex Koutmos talks about some of his well known libraries like PromEx, but also lesser known ones like Doctor and MJML EEx. We talk about the Nerves Weather Station book and his new Livebook heavy Eli

106: Coding Music Live in SonicPi with Sam Aaron
July 05, 2022

Sam Aaron explains how Sonic Pi can live code music performances, be used in education, and is moving more to Elixir! He plans to use Phoenix LiveView in the future to create distributed jamming sessi

105: Plausible Analytics, Elixir, and Privacy with Uku Taht
June 28, 2022

Uku Taht shares how Plausible Analytics provides opensource analytics data that respects visitor's privacy. It’s a simple Phoenix app by a small team (3 people) that are delivering big things.

104: Exploring Our Data with Chris Grainger
June 21, 2022

Explorer lets us explore and manipulate two-dimensional data like we already do with DB tables, spreadsheets, CSV files, and more. It's a tool that “regular” Elixir devs can take advantage of today!

103: and CRDT DBs with James Arthur
June 14, 2022

We learn about, an Elixir layer built on top of a distributed CRDT-based Erlang DB called Antidote. We cover CRDTs, the CURE protocol, and what Vaxine brings to the party.

102: Machine Learning in Elixir with Sean Moriarity
June 07, 2022

Sean Moriarity explains Machine Learning in the Elixir space. It's a fast developing area and Sean helps us follow the important points even if we aren't doing ML ourselves… because our teams may stil