Thinking Elixir Podcast

Thinking Elixir Podcast

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169: Thinking Elixir News
September 19, 2023

News includes highlights from ElixirConf US 2023, locations for the 2024 conferences, a guide to Phoenix generators customization, valuable BEAM resources, and more!

168: Thinking Elixir News
September 12, 2023

News includes a new "async" feature being added to LiveView, a new translation library called Kanta was announced, the Membrane framework released a pure Elixir H264 video plugin, and more!

167: Customizing mix
September 05, 2023

Ever thought of customizing `mix`? Tune in to our latest episode with Victor Bjrklund as we explore ways to customize Phoenix project generators! We also discuss tweaking generators for exist

166: Filtering, ordering and pagination via Flop
August 29, 2023

Ever been tired of coding filter, sort, and pagination repeatedly in projects? Mathias Polligkeit crafted the 'flop' library, a portable and reusable Ecto solution. And the bonus is 'flop_phoenix' for

165: Thinking Elixir News
August 22, 2023

News in the Elixir community! A new Livebook feature, daily bite-sized newsletter, and Supabase's Supavisor architecture. Learn about an OTP 26 PSA, Ecto tips, improved Elixir error messages, a cuttin

164: Thinking Elixir News
August 15, 2023

News roundup includes the ElixirConf schedule being published, Bumblebee gets streaming text support, Oban Web is getting a big update, Elixir for Cynical Curmudgeons blog post brings broader positive

163: Job Queues using Oban with Parker Selbert
August 08, 2023

Dive into the world of Elixir job processing with Parker Selbert, creator of Oban. Learn about the conception, architecture of Oban, its paid features in Web & Pro, and the scale companies reach (Spoi

162: Elixir to WebAssembly with Orb
August 01, 2023

WebAssembly and Elixir can play nicely together? We talk with Patrick Smith about his Orb project that provides an Elixir DSL for building WebAssembly modules. Hear what Patrick thinks this can do for

161: Lexical LS and Elixir Dev UX
July 25, 2023

Exciting news in Elixir land! Learn about Steve Cohens new project, Lexical LS, an Elixir Language Server designed for the code editors we use. Discover the technical challenges and how Steve Cohen a

160: LiveView Async Pattern and Admin Tools
July 18, 2023

Enjoyed talking over an "Async Pattern'' for loading data into a Phoenix LiveView. We discuss when it's the perfect fit then dive into the current state of Elixir admin tools with Andy Glassman.