Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone

Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone

Latest Episodes

75 – Space
December 31, 2019

ThinkActGet makes a surprising return to discuss space - what it is, why we need it, and how we can incorporate it into our lives.

74 – The End
October 25, 2017

Even good things can’t go on forever. As great as ThinkActGet has been, it’s time for James and Ezra to shift their energies to other pursuits. Check out their farewell show and reminisce with them on lessons and laughter shared over 70+ episodes.

73 – Simplify
August 16, 2017

Do you have more on your plate than you can handle? Do you have something pulling your attention every which way? It could be time to simplify. James and Ezra look at the benefits and how tos of simplifying your business and your life in this episode o...

72 – Improvisation
August 09, 2017

Improvisation adds immediacy and spontaneity to a performance or talk. What does it involve and how can it be acquired as a skill? James and Ezra explore the topic in an entirely improvised episode of ThinkActGet.

71 – Risk
May 18, 2017

We all engage in various levels of risk-taking. What determines how much we’ll risk and what role does it play in business and in life? James and Ezra tackle the topic in this episode of ThinkActGet. -     - In the podcast: -

70 – Reverence
February 08, 2017

James and Ezra are back for another episode of ThinkActGet where they talk about the importance of having reverence and great respect for any area of your business and life. -   Ezra with Rollrigo -   - In the episode: -

69 – Patience - Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone
December 22, 2016

Imagine the things you can accomplish in life and in business if you’ve got that right amount of patience. Tune into this episode as James and Ezra talk about the real value of patience and how it needs to be practiced.

68 – Truth - Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone
November 22, 2016

James and Ezra get together to talk about the thing that some people can’t accept, that some say can set you free, and that sometimes changes. Prepare to explore truth in business and in life, in this episode of ThinkActGet.

67 – Video - Think Act Get with James Schramko & Ezra Firestone
October 10, 2016

Video is possibly the most visible and powerful online medium these days, which is why James and Ezra have made it the topic of their latest TAG episode. In a more business-y tone than usual, our hosts talk about the many uses of video, how it works,

66 – Flexibility
July 07, 2016

How flexible you are can greatly affect how well you do in business and in life.