The Marketing Insider: A Claritas Podcast

The Marketing Insider: A Claritas Podcast

Are You "Customer Centric" Enough?

June 16, 2021

What does it mean in today’s environment to be “customer centric”? The pandemic has potentially forever changed consumer behavior, and one such repercussion of that for marketers has been an even more critical eye when it comes to where consumers spend their money and who with. Identity graph expert Jeff Bickel joins us to talk about the behind-the-scenes actions it takes for companies to embody customer centricity, like keeping up with new and evolving consumer targeting practices and regulations. We also welcome Tim Trull and Sean Rogers from Lavidge, an employee-owned ad agency specializing in discovering and communicating insights that engage, motivate and inspire. They share details on what it takes to make those that purchase your products and employ your services happy.

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