IOGEAR Announces Upstream Pro, 4K Video Capture and Live Stream Gear

January 25, 2020

IOGEAR has entered into the live stream capture game. New products that will capture cameras, game consoles, and more for your YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Live video production. At CES 2020, I got a first look at all the cool new gear that will be coming out soon!

GUV301 Upstream Video Capture Adapter

The IOGEAR Upstream Video Capture adapter is a USB-C device that can capture 1080p @60Hz. Simply connect an HDMI-enabled camera to the device and stream to YouTube, Facebook, or record to Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or another program.

The Upstream Video Capture Adapter will be available for $99.95

GUV 302 Upstream Game Capture

This is a capture card that can be attached to a tripod, and camera. You can use this for HDMI capture of a game, or a video source.

The 302p has 4k loop out (for the game system), USB-C in, and USB-C for charging.

The Game Capture will debut at $179.99

GUV 322 Upstream 4K

The Upstream 4K Game Capture Hub is a smaller device that will capture and mix 2 HDMI sources. You can broadcast in 1080p @60Hz.

Mix the cameras using an iPhone or iPad (software available for this). Send video to a computer or HDMI capture card. Separate audio capture via XLR or RCA input.

No price determined yet.

GV303 Upstream Pro

A small production studio for the streamer that wants to bring in more than just cameras. This allows for 4 camera input, iPad

The buttons allow you to manage your transitions, add graphics and overlays (like lower 3rds).

The Upstream Pro is a PC-free studio. You can connect 2 streams at once (bandwidth pending), and record to external HD through USB.

The Upstream Pro will be available for $999.

In the video, we look at the Upstream Pro in action, supporting 2 cameras, game capture from a Nintendo Switch, and audio capture from a Blue Microphones Yeti. Fairly impressive small capture system that is extremely portable.

Check out all of IOGEAR at Amazon.