SmaCircle is a Compact Foldable Electric Scooter Bike

January 23, 2020

E-bikes are a great way to get around town, but in the past have been too big to really transport. SmaCircle has changed that idea with a fully foldable bike that can get you to work and back. It’s so small, you can fit it in a backpack!

What is SmaCircle

This is a foldable E-bike that weighs only 19 lbs. It has a 13 mile range on a single charge, and can move at up to 12 mph. You can use it with the iOS or Android app to monitor speed, and lock/unlock the bike for use. It also tracks speed, mileage, and power levels in real time.

The SmaCircle simply folds up, and can be put into a backpack when you need to store, or simply take on travel. It also has a strap for easy carrying when you don’t have a bag available.

Other features include full hand brakes, LED lights for night riding, brushless and gearless motor, and a carbon fiber body. The bike also can go into sport mode, which allows for 20 mph speeds.

The 5.7 AH battery is part of the seat. It will fully charge in 3.5 hours, and also allows for 1.0A USB charging.

SmaCircle is available now for $1,399 and can be found on Amazon. You can also buy from the SmaCircle Website.

You should always wear protection (Helmet, pads) when riding the SmaCircle.