The Nexus Trolls - A Heroes of the Storm Podcast

The Nexus Trolls - A Heroes of the Storm Podcast

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079 – Farewell to Daz, Mystic and LiQiuD
May 18, 2018

Bacon from the GankBush Squad Podcast joins LiQiuD, Mystic and Daz for their last episode as show hosts!  We talk Lunara and Diablo reworks, the Reddit AMA, have a ton of fun and reminisce on some of our favorite moments doing The Nexus Trolls in our “...

078 – Prepare For Spectacular Wrestling!
May 11, 2018

GOONHOTS join LiQiuD, Mystic and Daz to talk the new patch, news and strategy!  Come check it out, including our big announcement near the end of the show! News – 2:22 Patch Notes Blitz – 14:35 Kael’Thas Changes – 57:10 Stukov Changes – 1:05:00 Malfuri...

077 – Dancing With Deckard
May 04, 2018

After missing one our first week’s ever Mystic and Daz catch up by talking Deckard strategy, top heroes in the meta and more, sit back and enjoy! News – 3:18 Is Deckard Strong? – 12:50 Our Deckard – 18:55 Gem Deckard – 29:15 Lorenado or Stay Awhile?

076 – Lowering Our Standards With Fringe
April 20, 2018

We did the unthinkable and decided to lower our standards by having FringeAverage, host of the GankBush Squad podcast guest on our show today.  We get into some meaty topics, definitely worth a listen!  Sit back and enjoy!

075 – Heccu!
April 13, 2018

On the show today, we had famous streamer and HotS media personality Heccu join us to talk about her journey into HotS as a streamer and interviewer.  But that’s not all, we also had a ram packed week full of Deckard Cain announcements, patch notes,

074 – Who’s On Tonight? It’s Royalite!
April 05, 2018

Best show ever…  If you’re going to watch one, this is the one to catch, because we’ve got @Royalite on the show today!  We have a blast chatting about our favorite game with our favorite Twitter personality.  Sit back and enjoy!

073 – Fenix and Goons
March 29, 2018

Mystic and Daz are joined by coach of Open Division’s Reborn, streamer, caster and HotS enthusiast GOON.  We talk Fenix, how to play him safely, and not so safely.  If you see GOON in the Nexus, run.  Enjoy the show!

072 – Fenix Has Returned
March 22, 2018

Mystic and Daz are joined by recently very absent LiQiuD to talk Fenix, the new patch, Varian and Tracer in the PTR and more.  Sit back and enjoy! News – 3:25 Patch Notes Blitz – 8:45 Eastern Clash – 36:18 Part 2 Preview – 42:15 In Development – 47:54 ...

071 – Who’s OP Now?
March 15, 2018

Mystic and Daz are joined by writer Rozai for the second week in a row, we’re again testing out our new format, taking our ‘Pardon The Interruption’ for a spin again.  A lot of great topics this week!  Sit back and enjoy!

070 – Pardon The Interruption
March 08, 2018

Mystic and Daz are joined by writer Rozai to try out a new format for The Nexus Trolls.  We take a ‘Pardon The Interruption’ style approach to covering the news.  Tell us what you think of the format, and enjoy!