The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour

Staying Organized & Motivated As A Full-Time Working Mom with Sarah Hart-Unger: Voices 44

January 10, 2020

A full-time physician with three young kids and a couple of side hustles, Sarah Hart-Unger relies on some time-tested systems to make sure she doesn’t miss a meeting, carves out space for her own creativity, and prioritizes date nights with her partner. She’s here to share tips and ideas with Sarah Powers as they chat all things planners, planning, goal-setting, and to-do list management in this month’s Voices interview episode. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Voices 44:
Sarah Hart-Unger is one of the hosts of the Best of Both Worlds Podcast
The planner Sarah Hart-Unger uses can be purchased straight from Japan, from Jetpens, or on Amazon
Other planners recommended by Sarah are Erin Condren planners, Inkwell Press, Emily Ley Simplified Planner or Day Designer, Agendio, and The Plum Paper Planner
Check out Sarah’s blog,
Sarah mentioned following the Instagram account Plannerisma
Meagan and Sarah were both guests on the Best of Both Worlds Podcast! Listen to Meagan here, and Sarah here
The Mom Hour’s Podcast Club has launched!
You can sign up now for the Life, Listened course Make Money Podcasting, and get $100 off when you sign up through that link until January 15