The Lifestyle Chase

The Lifestyle Chase

Episode 208 - Zac Cupples on What Happens in Vegas, Openness to Learning, and Life‘s Finite Timeline

November 01, 2021

This is Zac Cupple’s debut on the podcast. He graduated from St. Ambrose University Doctor of Physical therapy program in 2011, completed an orthopedic residency in 2013 to attain his OCS, became a certified strength and conditioning coach that same year (CSCS), and has spent a bulk of his career studying and becoming certified in various lines of thought (Postural Restoration, FMS, SFMA, Dry Needling, Precision Nutrition, Certified Speed and Agility Coach, and many more).


Zac is a deep thinker, an educator, and a seriously hard worker. We dive into everything from how to decide your direction with the information you absorb to how to make the changes you need. 


We found a lot of common ground in organizational styles and the way we see life.


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