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The Lifestyle Chase

Episode 206 - Chris Fudge on Working Hard and Going Fishing

October 22, 2021

This episode with Chris Fudge (@cthefudge) would be perfect for a brand new trainer or someone who is less than 3 years into their career. 


Chris Fudge is one of the most humble trainers in Canada for the level of experience he has and that is something I genuinely admire about him. 


Take a listen to his podcast, the Project Fitness podcast to dive further down he Chris Fudge Rabbit Hole. Here’s a link


You can also follow him on IG @cthefudge. 


This episode covered everything from Chris’ origin story, to the advice he’s received from clients on life to the ways he overcame setbacks early on in finding work. 


There is a tonne of value for anyone who is a trainer, but also for anyone who is trying to progress in their respective industry. 


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