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Major announcement from Jay Mcfarland
January 07, 2022

Lessons learned from January 6th and how the events of that day have driven me to a very important new announcement. Get Links to these stories

Should Utah adopt statewide Ranked Choice Voting? Do we need to audit the 2020 Utah election?
January 06, 2022

In this episode I speak with Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen about how the recent ranked choice voting went and what it would take to have ranked choice voting statewide. We also discussed whet

Another election audit reveals nothing
January 05, 2022

What a surprise. The initial results from the Texas election audit show no signs of election fraud. How long are people going to believe this lie without requiring any evidence? Get Links to these sto

Conservatives and Liberals have no idea what the other side believes
January 05, 2022

The gap between truth and reality between how the two parties view each other is remarkable. This is due to the parties misrepresenting the beliefs of the opposition in order to divide and manipulate.

Meet Becky Edwards - Candidate for United States Senate running against Senator Mike Lee
January 04, 2022

In this episode I have a great discussion with Becky Edwards about why she is running for United States Senate and what she hopes to accomplish in this role.

How the hiring crisis is impacting those with physical and intellectual disabilities
December 30, 2021

There hiring crisis is impacting one type of business particularly hard. These businesses serve members of our community who have intellectual or physical disabilities. Without help from the Governor

Jan. 6th Commision, Texas Abortion Ban, and Omicron
December 16, 2021

Jan. 6th Commision, Texas Abortion Ban, and Omicron    Get Links to these stories   Support the JayMac

The Sky View High School Race Controversy
December 08, 2021

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Can‘t keep my mind on mindfulness
December 02, 2021

This is an update on my goal to practice mindfulness every day. 

Down the Rabbit hole
December 02, 2021

- Election fraud- Is Kyle Rittenhouse a hero