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The Event Technique

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The Event Technique/A Chat with Crowned Free founder Heidi VanderWal
July 09, 2020

When you think about fashion, one of your first thoughts is not about human trafficking. Heidi VanderWal, founder of Crowned Free, saw fashion as a way to bring awareness to an epidemic issue that no one wants to talk about.

The Event Technique/A Chat with Sewing for Angels-Today’s Rosie The Riveters
June 23, 2020

Often times, an organization is born out of an immediate need. Such was the case with Sewing for Angels-Today’s Rosie The Riveters. Founders Becky Auer and Mary Beth Kratsas tell us the story of the creation of a network of volunteers that have taken t...

The Event Technique/Lean Your Board
June 17, 2020

How many board members do you really need? Have your large donors traditionally been    given board positions? As you can imagine, Non-profit boards can find themselves in major trouble simply because they have not managed the composition of their boar...

The Event Technique/A Chat with Ashley Moss-Kurkiewicz
June 15, 2020

Ashley Moss-Kurkiewicz, owner of Hello Productions, LLC,  works in multiple cities across the United States, while calling Raleigh, North Carolina home. Like many event people, she works across a wide variety of organizations and events.

The Event Technique/A Chat with Ginny Fujino
June 08, 2020

Ginny Fujino, Owner of Blacktie-SouthFlorida, is one of the most dynamic people we have ever spoken to. Her background of planning top notch events for the NFL (National Football League), the USTA (United States Tennis Association) in particular the Li...

The Event Technique/A Chat with Paulette Zanotti
May 31, 2020

Paulette Zanotti shares her experiences in both the For Profit event planning business and the Non profit event business. Although somewhat different, each entity requires a certain set of skills that are called into use at the drop of a hat.

The Event Technique/A Chat with Adriane Diethorn of Wish, Hope, Dreams
May 22, 2020

Adriane has been on the cutting edge of Event Management for more than 20 years. Her company, Wish, Hope, Dreams handles Non-profit events, weddings, grant writing and so much more across the United States.

The Event Technique/A Chat with Tonya Edinger
May 22, 2020

Tonya Edinger’s foray into the event planning business is interesting, to say the least. She could easily be called “The Reluctant Event Planner.” Fast forward 20 years and that woman who was sure she would be eating cat food has advanced to become one...

The Event Technique/Ah...the Media
April 27, 2020

“Somebody always knows somebody in the media.” Not the best strategy to get coverage for your events, right? Yet so many organizations handle their event promotions in that fashion. Seems crazy. Here are some great tips to get your media program under ...

The Event Technique/Ticketing… Now What?
April 06, 2020

How you and your organization handles ticketing for your event can make or break the bank. What do you do with your VIP guests? Your general admission guests? And all of those are before you handle your sponsors,