Core Confidence Life Personal Development

Core Confidence Life Personal Development

From drinking and drugging to confidence and character, a man’s path to personal empowerment

October 26, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minuteOn this interview we speak to men’s mental health advocate, Tom Simmons. He talks about the stigma of mental health among men, and the causes of that stigma. He also shares his personal story. He went from a young man deeply involved in drinking, sex, and drugs, until a major health event slowed down the partying. He was able to restart his life from a more self-aware, holistic prospective, build his self-confidence, and become an example of a remade man. He talks about the ups and downs of that journey, and shares a road map for other men to do the same.
Guest: Men’s Mental Health Advocate, Tom Simmons
Helping to normalize the conversation amongst young men around vulnerable topics

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