The Accountability Call

The Accountability Call

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12-Minute Takeaway: COVID Opportunities and Lessons
March 26, 2020

In these unprecedented times, what opportunities can we find, and what lessons can we learn?

The Accountability Call #85: Leaving It All Behind
November 25, 2019

Jon and Chris talk about the idea of leaving things behind. When you walk into a different room where you are going to interact with people, use the doorway as a reminder to leave your baggage on this side of the door.

The Accountability Call #84: Jon is 50, and a Sample Life-Coaching Session
November 09, 2019

Jon shares his thoughts on turning 50! Jon then agrees to be Chris's client for a Life-Coach Session. Jon opens up about his lack of focus and they come up with some action steps to help.

The Accountability Call #83: Off to College
August 25, 2019

We are back behind the mics after a Summer hiatus! Jon shares the emotional experience of his oldest son heading off to college. We also talk about the success story of Lil Nas X. And we announce some developments in the podcast. We hope you enjoy!

The Accountability Call #82: Leadership, Buy-In, and Resistance is Persistence
June 04, 2019

This week we discuss the legend of Jim Croce; leaders and parents getting buy-in through empowerment; and the idea that resistance is quite the negative persistence. #JimCroce #KenBlanchard #Leadership

The Accountability Call #81: Focus and Landfill Items
May 18, 2019

After getting Rick Rolled, we share a listener’s thoughts on staying focused. It’s definitely easier to stay focused on something interesting, engaging, and challenging, but what happens when a task meets none of those criteria?

The Accountability Call #80: Greatest American Hero, Losses, and Leftover Dads
May 09, 2019

After paying homage to one of the greatest television shows ever, we talk The Avengers and birthdays. While talking about birthdays, we pivot and think about the birthdays of those we’ve lost over the years.

The Accountability Call #79: Tales From Fitness Soapboxes
April 29, 2019

After getting physical with a little Olivia Newton John, and mixing up our baseball movie villains, we share our tried and true fitness motivation strategies. As always, we hope you enjoy!

The Accountability Call #78: 7 Year Itches and Baseball
April 06, 2019

We start things off by paying tribute to Will Ferrell’s memorable commencement speech at USC in 2017. We then talk about 7-year itches. It’s been said that our bodies essentially regenerate every seven years.

The Accountability Call #77: Turning 50 and the Roller Coaster of Parenting
March 29, 2019

During our discussion about the greatness of Van Halen and the roller coaster ride of parenting, we realize that Jon is coming up on the big 5-Oh! We talk about looking back, looking forward, and being grateful for everything we get to do. As always,