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I Make a Living

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Pivoting Your Business- Tina Essmaker
January 20, 2020

In this episode, creative business coach Tina Essmaker shares how she faced life-changing moments and decisions that forced her to pivot her approach to business and start a new journey to rediscover her success as an entrepreneur.

Pitch Your Business - Brant Pinvidic
January 13, 2020

On the first episode of Season 2, Brant Pinvidic will share how you can deliver a great pitch, compel an audience to actually listen to your presentations and become a master of selling your ideas in 3 min or less.

Season 2 Trailer
January 06, 2020

Season 2 of the I Make a Living Podcast launches on Monday, January 13th. Follow us as we continue to explore what it takes to be a business owner in today's world. Our host, Damona Hoffman, will take you on her journey as she sits down with some of North

Season 2 Teaser
November 25, 2019

We are back...almost! We welcome our new host Damona Hoffman as we take a look at some of the highlights from Season 1. Season 2 of the I Make a Living Podcast launches Monday, January 13th on a brand new weekly schedule! Stay tuned in December for a snea

Success and Unique Businesses- Season Finale
July 15, 2019

For our Season Finale, we took on the streets of NYC as we searched for some of the most unique businesses who have "made it". We interview incredible entrepreneurs who found success by thinking outside of the box.

Failure- Sam Rosen- Michelle Horton
July 01, 2019

Failure- we all fear it and try to avoid it, but inevitably, we will all face it. How do you deal with failure as an entrepreneur? Sam Rosen, a Chicago based entrepreneur shares with us how failure has helped shaped his career and ultimately his successes

How To Start a Start-Up- Seth Radman
June 17, 2019

On this episode, we explore the fascinating and growing world of start-ups. Seth Radman, a serial entrepreneur from Atlanta sits down with us to discuss everything from ideas, solutions, success, failure, funding, to how he writes down every single probl

Branding and Social Media- Beverley Cheng
June 03, 2019

What do you stand for? What is your brand? Today's episode is about discovering who you are as a brand and a business and how you use that brand to leverage social media channels. Our featured guest Beverley Cheng shares her journey on becoming a full-tim

Growing Your Business- Kristen Pumphrey
May 20, 2019

How do you take your business from a pipe dream to a fully functioning factory that supports 55 employees? We decided to take our question to the headquarters of PF Candle Co, which is a candle company founded in 2008 by Kristen Pumphrey. She spent years

Developing Your Business
May 06, 2019

At our last #imakealiving event in Austin, we decided to pick one audience member and match them with a career coach to help them develop their business strategy and growth plan. We recorded the whole conversation for this episode. Today we are talking bu