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Technologist Talk

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E25: Talking Workforce: How CompTIA Tech Addresses Tomorrow’s Tech Talent Shortage, Today
March 18, 2020

The National Science Foundation predicts that, in just two years, there will be more than three million unfilled skilled technical jobs. How do we start shrinking this looming shortage of technical talent? Listen as award-winning author and social...

E24: Talking Training- Why IT Training Remains a Strong Investment for Your Talent Development Dollars
March 11, 2020

In today’s trying times, many people for varied reasons are considering their career options more closely than ever. Just as many organizations spread across diverse industries are weighing best ways to spend talent development dollars more heavily...

E23: How the Tech Industry Should Be Talking to the Industry Teaching Tech
March 04, 2020

What are “employability skills?” How are they related to what often are called business “soft skills?” And what’s “situational awareness?” Great technologists have all three. But how – and where -- do they learn them? Listen as ’s ,...

E22: Why It Takes an Industry to Raise a Technologist
February 26, 2020

Ever hear the ancient African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child?” Well, this principle applies to filling our nation’s tech skills gap, too. Listen as ’s , VP of strategic workforce relationships, and , VP of strategic academic...

E21: Why Everyday Technologists Are More Important than Tech “Rock Stars”
January 31, 2020

Are you – or another aspiring technologist in your life – the next incarnation of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Probably not, says CEO, award-winning author and social innovator . And that’s just the way it should be. In this...

E20: How Employers Can Overcome Their “Trust Gap” and Hire Great Technologists
December 18, 2019

The best fit for a tech position is a candidate who’s done the same job before, right? Maybe not, says CEO, award-winning author and social innovator . In this episode, Charles explains how employers seeking to fill jobs working with technology must...

E19: TechGirlz Update: How to Follow Up a Record-Breaking Year by Blazing New Trails
November 30, 2019

founder sits in for Charles Eaton to recount the organization’s successes since being acquired by earlier this year. She also previews the new trails will blaze in 2020. 

E18: Why the U.S. Cybersecurity Talent Gap Threatens National Security on Two Fronts
October 28, 2019

Which is at greater risk from our nation’s cybersecurity talent gap? Government or private technology infrastructure? Before answering, maybe we should consider whether, today, the distinction between public and private tech even matters. And in...

E17: Why Creating Confidence is the Secret to Closing the Tech Skills Gap
October 09, 2019

The tech skills gap in the U.S. Economy is about numbers, right? Employers have more jobs working with technology available than qualified candidates to fill them. Simple, yes? No, says CEO, social innovator and award-winning author Charles...

E16: Flying in Formation: How Technologists across Industries Can Narrow the IT Skills Gap (Guest Interview: Vice President, Strategic Workforce Relationships, CompTIA)
August 30, 2019

Clever ducks fly in formation, working together to go farther, faster. How can this principle from nature be applied to narrowing the IT Skills Gap? , CompTIA’s new Vice President of Strategic Workforce Relationships, has some answers in this...