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Tech Top 6 – It’s Compliance Not Compliant w/ guest K Royal (and 5 More Tech Articles)

January 18, 2021

You might have strong feelings (like Warren here) about lawyers and corporate general counsel, but no doubt there is big opportunity for IT-savvy lawyers to play a strong role in establishing world-class security and privacy policies. K Royal gives us the highlights of her TechTop6-picked article on Compliance and what CCPA means. Plus we review five more best tech articles from across the world this week as curated by the (free) IT Weekly Newsletter.

* Compliance Everywhere – Privacy is creeping back into vogue* Coding Defects – Because coding is fraught with peril* Executive Search Firms – Warren was a head-hunter, he knows the deal* Smishing – Like phishing, but through text messaging* Not Investing In AI – Can’t the AI pay for itself?* AI Can’t Solve Everything – Well, not yet…

Question of the week – Every used an executive search firm and had things go a bit haywire? Tell us your crazy headhunter story…You can even use this free one-click secure form here!

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