Team Building Podcast

Team Building Podcast

How to Recruit Your Ideal Agent w/Adam Roach

February 27, 2020

The key to a successful real estate business lies in hiring top agents, so as team leaders and broker owners, we have to ensure we’re attracting the right people. Who should we be aiming to recruit, and how can we attract the right people for our company culture? What can we do to ensure more agents know about us? In this episode, co-founder of Recruiting Bridge, Adam Roach shares how to recruit top talent. 

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Have a good idea of the agent we want to recruit. We have to know what we’re looking for before we can go looking for it.

  • Share company values. If we are open about our company culture, we’ll attract the type of people who will thrive in the workplace.

  • Create an attractive environment. People are drawn in by a vibrant physical environment - so create a space that will attract recruits organically.

Guest Bio-

Adam Roach is an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Recruiting Bridge - the only pipeline system used by Keller Williams team leaders and agents. Adam strongly believes the best way to grow a business is through recruiting great talent. He is passionate about helping team leaders in any industry recruit the best people for the job.

Adam is in the process of re-launching his brand to I Love Recruiting. Find out more about this on the new website: