Teaching With The Body In Mind

Teaching With The Body In Mind

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TWTBIM_0141 Marvelous Mess Follow Up
July 07, 2020

MINI EPISODE with strategies and practical ideas for supporting messy play.

TWTBIM_140 Muddy, Messy and Marvelous
June 30, 2020

Joey wants to talk about the delightfully messy and immersive sensory experiences that accompany summertime play.  The "yes" tends to come easier when clean up and safety concerns are reduced. Mike and Ross advocate for those who are challenged...

TWTBIM_0138 Remember: Movement is a Need
June 16, 2020

Mike notices that children's need for movement is overlooked during an early childhood education conference.  If physical needs are constant, why do we keep forgetting to talk about them?  What are the unconscious implications when the need...

TWTBIM_0137 Collective Effervescence
June 09, 2020

Moving and acting in synchronicity can create a feeling of "collective effervescence" within a group.  When have we experienced these moments in our work with young children?  Can adults create conditions to promote these feelings of unity...

TWTBIM_0136 The Magic of Action
May 19, 2020

Tom recalls a transcendent moment during play where talk turned into action.  Children taking action can cause a chain reaction of play and create serendipity.  

TWTBIM_0135 MINI EPISODE More about "why school?"
May 05, 2020

Conversations from the margins of our "why school" discussion.

TWTBIM_0134 Why School?
April 28, 2020

Ross wants to talk paradigm shift.  What lessons will we learn from the current disruption to our educational system?  Joey asks the dangerous question, why school? Tom advocates for the privilege of being at school.  Everyone agrees...

TWTBIM_0133 New "Classroom Environment"
April 21, 2020

Joey asks the group to help her reflect on the new "classroom environment" she's inhabiting while teaching through the internet.  How should we manage the challenges of teaching through the screen?  How can we find ways to give children...

April 14, 2020

Ross wonders if we are doing harm when we don't let children experience boredom. Is there a connection between boredom and creativity?  The group wonders what it really means when children say they're bored.  Is there a connection between...

TWTBIM_0132 Murky and Conflicted
April 07, 2020

Tom's feeling conflicted about his enjoyment of action movies that depict violence. What draws us to fantasy entertainment that includes scary, thrilling, and violent aspects? Are there parallels to fantasy children's play? It's murky territory....