Systema For Life

Systema For Life

Episode 79: Ivan Butsan

April 26, 2019

This episode, a frank and heartfelt discussion on the practice and benefits of Systema with Ivan Butsan - longtime student of Vladimir Vasiliev and an Instructor at Russian Martial Art HQ, Toronto. Few who have trained with Ivan at HQ will forget the experience. He is at once a powerhouse of structure, a skilled opponent, and for those who are open to his insights, a generous teacher and training partner.
He is also the author and presenter of a popular Systema Blog, detailing lessons and principles he has learned at HQ.

Here, we talk at length about:

  • his first impressions of Systema

  • how and why he started his Systema Blog

  • the relationship between physical and psychological practice (including "energy work")

  • why it's important to tailor your Systema (for proper fit)

  • why he hates the phrases "stay loose" and "self defense"!

Check out Ivan's YouTube Channel here, and visit the accompanying Systema Blog at