A Stranger in the House of God

A Stranger in the House of God

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Myth, Memory, & Reality
August 03, 2020

Atheists have long accused Christians of casting God in their own image. Their complaint has some warrant. Sin has left us with a penchant for seeing ourselves in God. We want to believe that God is like us.

Dangerous Virtues: Satisfaction-Coping With the Hunger that Cannot be Satisfied
July 13, 2020

https://youtu.be/QZ-vIwiHP9E I have been bothered by my weight most of my life. As a child, I was heavy, a condition which my mother euphemistically described as being “big-boned.” I was so obsessed with the fear of being fat that even when I t...

Dangerous Virtues: Love-The Seduction of Desire
July 02, 2020

I first learned about sex from my father. The lesson came in the form of a brief hallway conversation. I don’t think my age was even in double digits at the time. I don’t recall who initiated the conversation,

Dangerous Virtues: The Way of the Living
June 25, 2020

Sin and virtue sounds too abstract and detached for ordinary people like us. It’s one thing for theologians and philosophers to debate about sin and virtue. Why should we concern ourselves with such matters? We have jobs to go to and bills to pay.

Fathers & Sons: The Hero’s Journey
June 17, 2020

k about my father every day. I can’t help it. Every morning when I stare into the mirror, there he is staring back. As long as I can recall, people who knew my father have said that we look alike. The comparison was a point of pride when I was a child ...

The Hand that Moves the World
June 12, 2020

Not long after I started following Christ, my mother became so sick that my father had to carry her to the car to drive her to the doctor. Unable to diagnose her condition, the doctor admitted her to the hospital, where she grew worse.

The Trouble With Normal
June 04, 2020

Ever since it happened, I have been trying to decide whether I should say anything about the tragic death of George Floyd. In part, this is because I don’t know what to say. Little of what I read on social media regarding the subject seems helpful to m...

Preaching in a Crisis
April 18, 2020

How Should We Preach During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Holy Week's Trajectory of Hope
April 08, 2020

In the Scriptures, the Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is a day of silence. The Bible does not really say where the disciples were or what they were doing on that day. When Jesus appeared to them on Sunday evening,

Love & Fear in the Year of the Plague
March 28, 2020

A popular meme I see on Facebook asserts that times of crisis reveal one's true character. Posts like this are supposed to appeal to the better angels of our nature. Unfortunately, they have the opposite effect on me.