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Story Archaeology

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More Questions answered from the Story Archaeologists
July 14, 2020

Join the Story archaeologists as they attempt to catch up and answer some of the questions that you have been asking. This Q&A session covers the topic of fír flathemon , 'The truth of the king' and delves into the complexities of the text,

Stories and Activities with Children 5: The Two Poet Pig-keepers
April 18, 2020

This audio story is one of the many stories that circle around the great Táin Bó Cúailnge , The cattle raid of Cooley. It is not a well known story but it is important as it is really the 'origin' story for the whole cycle.

Stories and Activities for Children 1: Bricriu’s Feast
April 14, 2020

It has been a while since Isolde and I have been able to work on the podcast but I have continued working with the stories in schools around Ireland, This year, as part of the 2020 Tain March Festival, in May,

The Cats of Cruachan ~ an short animated film
June 25, 2019

This time last year, I was struggling with what felt like an impossible task. I was asked to come up with a scripted screenplay for the Rathcroghan Visitor Centre, Roscommon. This short animation was commissioned by Nollaig Feeney,

Medb: Conquests and Consequences
March 10, 2019

Medb, Queen of Connacht, is rightly renowned in Irish legend and mythology, as a strong and influential woman leader. Her centre of power, Cruachan Ai, is still recognised as one of the most important Iron-age sites in Ireland.

Telling Stories : Continuing the Oral Tradition
February 28, 2019

Join Chris Thompson as she takes a story-teller's view of the old Irish stories. Who told the and why were they so memorable.   In this audio article, Chris celebrates the old stories and explores the challenges in telling them today. -

The Dagda’s Cauldron ~ A Seasonal Special!
December 20, 2018

The Dagda with his cauldron of abundance, from which none leave unsatisfied, epitomises the deep and ancient yearning we  feel for mid-winter indulgence and  good company.  It may be that the cauldron had more to offer than just a solid meal.

Some questions answered by The Story Archaeologists
November 25, 2018

We regularly receive questions from listeners and readers. We try to answer them as soon as we can but many are well worth exploring in more detail. Here we discuss just three. Firstly there is the problem of 'coir',

The Mysteries of Midir: a Samhain Special
November 04, 2018

Isolde_recording - What did happen to Midir? Why does he appear in so few stories? It is a mystery. A murder mystery? Could be. Certainly Midir's  reputation was usurped and he, himself, seems to have been, effectively,  'disappeared! -

The Otherworld and How to Get There!
September 17, 2018

William Robinson: Tallanbanna with cloud front. 1988 - So many of the old Irish stories tell of an Otherworld that lies so close to our own. If you want to discover what the stories have to  say about getting there,