Stolendroids Podcast

Stolendroids Podcast

#350 - Stolen Blockchain

December 24, 2017

It's a festivus miracle! Everyone gets the episode early!

Not that it's going to do anything for you, mind you.  After all, we're still getting hacked, your information is still getting leaked with alarming regularity, Facebook can't decide how they want us to use it, and Twitter doesn't want you to use abusive language anymore (unless you're the President).

So, it's business as usual in the world!


* Kaspersky Labs sues Trump administration
* Keeper sues reporter over vulnerability story
* Uber is a taxi company
* AT&T giving bonuses to all the employees
* Apple showing courage with apps
* Eric Schmidt stepping down Alphabet boss
* Blockchain in the name means that you're valuable
* Apple admits to slowing down older phones More
* ...and they’re being sued over it
* And the worst passwords of 2017 are...
* Microsoft to Google: "Grow Up"
* This malware will actually damage your phone
* WordPress captcha plugin was vulnerable
* Your phone's screen may soon heal itself
* Massive data leak gives away all your information except your name
* Well fine then, Zuke is a liar.
* Google, an ad company, is going to block ads
* Beware the Chinese backdoor
* Facebook goes after "Like" spammers
* Twitter introduces new safety policies, unless you're the President