Stolendroids Podcast

Stolendroids Podcast

#347 - Trust No App!

December 05, 2017


We all kinda knew that Chinese apps may not be on the up and up, but we didn't they would be so blatant about stealing info.  Oh, and Google too.  Yes, that Google.  After all, when you told your phone you didn't want to be tracked, that was just a suggestion, right?

Also <groan> Uber.


* Might want to turn off Bluetooth next time you get gas
* Nest didn't do so well on its own. Time to roll it back in with Google
* Google tracking us even when we tell it not to
* Google getting the screws put to it for tracking us
* Supreme Court: Is Location Private Info?
* Comcast promises not to be evil, even though they just changed their customer promise
* Don't screw with New York's Attorney General!
* Apple deals with THE DUMBEST security flaw ever
* HP installs spying bloatware? That's unpossible!
* Windows 10 sets
* Washington State goes after Uber in court (get in line)
* Uber is bleeding money right now
* Judge is NOT happy with Uber
* Samsung says fuzzy batteries are the best!


Zuke’s Favorite: INFINITY WAR!!

Zohner’s Favorite: Billy Joel - Live at Bonnaroo