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Morning Glory - Visions of Heaven & the Glory Realm
June 23, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he talks about the reality of visions and the reality of heaven.

Sunday Morning - When the Jordan Overflows Its Banks
June 20, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he shares about the power of God that is available for you to cross over into your promised blessings. In the process of crossing, you will not get muddy.

Morning Glory - Take the Mystery Out of It
June 16, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he shares clear steps towards receiving your miracle, and how removing much of the mystery causes it to be a smooth experience.

Sunday Morning - You're Having Too Much Fun!
June 13, 2021

A religious spirit will try to keep you from living life to the fullest in Christ. Get free, enjoy life and stay filled with the Holy Spirit. Find out more in today’s message with Pastor Steven.

Morning Glory - When the Spirit is Moving
June 09, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he talks about our response when the Spirit is moving, and also when He is not moving.

Sunday Morning - As You Desire
June 06, 2021

Some of the statements that Jesus made in the gospels are so contrary to religious tradition that they cause us to re-examine our procedures. In today’s message, Pastor Steven looks at a stunning statement that Jesus made which will bring instant hope to.

Morning Glory - The Wonder of Personal Prophecy
June 02, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he shares insight that he has learned over the years about personal prophecy, which will help you to step into your true potential in Christ.

Sunday Morning - Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?
May 30, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he teaches on the power of God, and how you can receive a genuine miracle. There are some things that only God can do. This message is very important for those who desperately need a miracle.

Morning Glory - The Power of Thankfulness for the Fulfillment of Personal Prophecies
May 26, 2021

Join Pastor Steven as he shares the necessity of having a heart that is continually thankful to God.

Sunday Morning - March Around the City (A Prophetic, Pentecost Message)
May 23, 2021

Happy Pentecost Sunday!Today Pastor Steven prays over the Pentecost offering for the television outreach. He also shares a prophetic message that will encourage you to possess your inheritance. To give a special Pentecost offering for the Pure Gold Telev.