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Sunday Morning - Exceptional Victory In Life
December 03, 2023

When you were born again you were born into the faith. You are in a new kingdom now, which is the kingdom of God’s Son, Jesus. Faith is the indispensable force for living in victory and achieving expl

Morning Glory - Running With The Vision
November 29, 2023

We are commanded in Scripture to run with the vision, not sleep with the vision. In today’s message, Pastor Steven outlines five practical applications to assist you in running with your God-given vis

Sunday Morning - There’s Room On the Cross for You
November 26, 2023

Join Pastor Steven as he talks about how to walk in the overcoming life that is pleasing to God and deeply satisfying within your heart.

Morning Glory - Walking in Divine Guidance
November 22, 2023

Join Pastor Steven as he gives insight on how to follow Gods path for your life, as well as how to verify that you are on the path going in the right direction.

Sunday Morning - Vision & Divine Guidance
November 19, 2023

Everyone is created to fulfill a purpose here on earth, but it takes vision to discover that purpose. Divine guidance is what allows you to fulfill the unique vision that God has assigned to you. Find

Morning Glory - The Empowerment of Faith for Dominion
November 15, 2023

Pastor Steven shares the various ways through which faith empowers you for dominion. Discover how you can tap into the power of God at will. Find out what it takes to experience divine intervention wh

Sunday Morning - Displaying the Multi-Faceted Wisdom of God
November 12, 2023

The wisdom of God has many facets and different shades of color. God wants to display His wisdom through the church. This means that God wants to display His wisdom through you. Get ready for a wisdom

Morning Glory - Running With the Spirit of Revelation
November 08, 2023

The spirit of wisdom and revelation gives us insight into the knowledge of Jesus. Today, Pastor Steven covers the Spirit of Revelation, and how the flow of revelation can be increased significantly in

Sunday Morning - Reaping Unusually Large Harvests
November 05, 2023

Pastor Stevens message will help you break the grip on the magnetic pull of the worlds system, which is an anti-God system. Position yourself to reap the maximum harvest of the seed of Gods word so

Morning Glory - God Can Do A Miracle For You
November 01, 2023

In the Bible, we see that many people received miracles from God. Even Naaman, who was from Syria, received a miracle, and the Syrians were constant enemies of Israel. God wants you to have a miracle