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Beating The Winter Time Blues

November 15, 2019


<h2>4 Tips To Stay Cheery When it's Chilly</h2>
You ever find something funny. Like ha, ha funny, but also like :’) <em>ha ha</em> funny.

That's the way some of us may feel about this ever, descriptive, super lampoon-ish, a very on-brand piece by The Onion.

I'm noticing a trend here. Mental health becoming a meme. 

Whether or not you it's a meme to you, though, here are some tips to help with beating the winter time blues.

Oh, The Onion, The Onion, The Onion
Whether you've got the winter time blues, had a stressful day, or just want to relax because why not, these are all research-based (on myself) and proven to have had an effect (most of the time a positive one). I kid, I kid.


Check out the rest of this podcast episode about self-care, and the politics of beating the winter time blues.

1. Meditate

Nothing slows my beating heart like a few deep breaths. 

Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. And Repeat.

 If this is foreign to you, or you've never tried to meditate before, no worries, dude! 

Yes, I may have read The Miracle of Mindfulness, but I'm still waiting on that ever-present miracle. Dang it, there I go again: being out of the moment and losing my state of presence.

(I personally thought that was a very clever joke, but maybe that was just me.)

But, what I mean to say, if you've never tried meditating before, there are meditation apps that will guide you! My personal favorite is Insight Timer.

Not a paid sponsorship, although it'd be cool if it were.

You're able to set the tone of the meditation (motivation-based, relaxation, bed-time), whether you want a soothing story or a guided exercise. Plus, tons more ways for you to tailor and create the exact experience you need.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it's free! There's a premium upgrade, but it's not a necessity. 
This app is my go-to when I'm stressed, and I always feel, if not wholly calmer, at least a bit more clear-headed.

2. Don't Put on the Twilight Soundtrack

Maybe, it's just me, although it's probably not...Raise your hand if you couldn't resist putting on your favorite sad song, even though it'll just make you sad(der).
Yeah, me too, my friend. 

But, I'm here to say stop it! 

I mean, you don't need to put on your lit playlist, but maybe switch it up with some boppier vibes.

Just don't play Possibility. You know, that one song from Twilight? "It's a possibilityyyyyy..."

(It's a good song, just not for right now.)

3. Try Putting all of Your Attention Into Something

It's all about distraction! Coloring pages are a good example. The intricate coloring pages are great at distracting me. Especially when you try super hard to stay in the lines.

If you're over coloring pages, and you've retired your crayons and markers after middle school, cool.