She Who Overcomes

She Who Overcomes

21: The Unintended Danger of Accountability with Raychel Perman

August 05, 2019

Overcomers…assemble! I’ve always wanted to say that. wink Today’s episode is an in depth conversation with Raychel Perman, my best friend and business partner. We’ve been Coaches for nearly a decade, and there’s something we’ve noticed that must be addressed: the unintended danger of accountability. Don’t get me wrong, accountability is a good thing. However, there comes a point where it gets twisted and toxic. Grab your coffee and let’s dive into the dangers of this and what to do about it!

P.S. Did you hear the news? We officially rebranded our company and are now known as RAYMA Team. We are a Coaching & Consulting Company that creates unique solutions for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to effectively engage with their clients. We provide the tools and accountability you need so you can have a greater impact, make more money, create solutions, and balance your home and work life. And just in case you’re thinking, “I’m not building a business do you have something for me?” Don’t worry, Boo. We got you, too. Grab a cup of coffee. Sit back. Scroll a bit. And, let’s get acquainted. You can find us at

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