Selling Disruption Show

Selling Disruption Show

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Protecting Your Disruptive Intellectual Property with Angela Langlotz
February 04, 2019

Your intellectual property is meant to be protected. If you don't protect a valuable brand, it could be stolen away from you. Trademark attorney Angela Langlotz has been focusing on business, intellectual property, and trademarks with TrademarkDoctor.

Disruptive Marketing With Web Technology with Jason Kramer
January 28, 2019

Disruptive marketing means identifying the right customers, nurturing them to where they fall in love with you, and then converting them into paying customers. Jason Kramer, founder of Cultivize, says you got to strike when a prospect is showing intere...

Disrupting Sales With Differentiation with Lee Salz
January 21, 2019

Stop saying that you're the best when making a sales pitch. Stop saying that you're selling the best product, the best merchandise, or the best service because every salesperson in the world says that. Most sales conversation just lead down to price be...

Are You An Explainer Or A Persuader: How To Tell Disruptive Stories with Doug Stevenson
January 14, 2019

Storytelling is the fastest way to engage attention and implement change. It works in a very powerful way with the brain of the listener to engage attention. It activates all of the senses. It is logical and linear,

Disruptive eMail Marketing Strategies with Doug Morneau
January 07, 2019

Marketing is undeniably the first step to finding more customers. However, with so many marketing strategies around, it becomes harder to find those that are effective. Someone with an interesting view on how best to reach out and find new customers is...

Designing Disruptive Products with Tracy Hazzard
December 31, 2018

The times are changing, and certain products made before do not fit anymore to what this world needs now. Talking about designing disruptive products is designer Tracy Hazzard who is known to help people create and launch this certain niche.

Gain More Profits With Negative Churn with Shreesha Ramdas
December 24, 2018

Customers come and go; yet it is always a must for businesses to not lose them as much as possible. When customers churn, you would expect a drop from your sales. Shreesha Ramdas, CEO of Strikedeck, believes otherwise. For him,

The Disruptive Impact Of Gen Z: What You Must Know Now To Profit with Kathleen Hessert and Rani Mani
December 17, 2018

Statistically, it is said that there will be 2.56 billion Gen Zs by 2020. 40 percent of that will come for the US alone. In the global scale, 37 percent will be from the Generation Z. This data shows the enormous spending power this generation holds.

How To Powerfully Connect With New Customers with Terry Pappy
December 10, 2018

It may come as a surprise, but most people don't know what their customers want. In one research experiment, 90% of the executives surveyed were shocked at what their customers found valuable when they did a poll of what their customers were buying.

Creating A Disruptive Brand Strategy with Sue Kirchner
December 03, 2018

A brand offers benefits not only to the organization to be able to sell to customers, but also a tremendous amount of value internally. To come up with a disruptive brand strategy, Sue Kirchner of Brand Strong Marketing says, first and foremost,