SB Weekly - the sport business podcast

SB Weekly - the sport business podcast

No Holds Barred - March 2017

March 14, 2017

No Holds Barred is the podcast from SB Weekly where three leading sports executives reveal their industry bugbears, question accepted wisdom, and try to make sense of the major developments currently impacting the global business of sport.

Each guest comes armed with a view on an industry topic that’s been piquing their interest over recent weeks, and in a short and impassioned pitch will explain exactly why they feel strongly about it, who’s going wrong and where, and what the implications could be for various sectors of the business.

Nothing’s off limits, and the person who argues their case the best will be declared No Holds Barred winner and receive something far better than a trophy - industry kudos.

In March 2017's No Holds Barred Matt Cutler is joined by Jim Dowling (Managing Director, Havas Sports & Entertainment Cake), Oli Slipper (Co-Founder of PERFORM) and Eoin Connolly (Editor of SportsPro).

Topics discussed include:

- The problem with the word "right", and why it is getting in the way of collaborative brand partnerships
- Where rights-holders should fit the major social media platforms into their media distribution strategy
- Why sport has some of entertainment's best storylines - but needs to start telling them better.